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Dry Herb or Oil: Which One's Better For Vaping?

Whether it’s for medical use or leisure, we want the best cannabis products that can give us the effects we’re looking for. There are different forms of cannabis, THC, cannabidiol, and such that are available in the market. How effective it is, and what’s best for you may depend on the device you are using, how you control them, and your own preference. Learning and understanding their characteristics may help you decide which to purchase and which one’s better for vaping.

Dry herb vaporizing

Dry herb vaporizing is consuming cannabis products as dry herbs that you grind and load into a dry herb vaporizer. A dry herb vaporizer works by being powered by a rechargeable battery and heating the herbs in its oven or chamber until it creates a vapor that you inhale. You can adjust the temperature of the heating element. Different temperature levels produce other effects and flavours. Most vaporizers have adjustable temperature levels; some vaporizers don’t. One even has easily swappable ovens that you can’t pre-pack and interchange during sessions to have different products or flavours in one session. You can get your vaporizer here.

Why is using dry herbs better than others?

It’s easy to use!
Dry herbs don’t get messy, unlike oil concentrates, waxes, and such. It becomes really hard to clean after your session; thus, it’s also hard to maintain. Other products also have different complexities that make it harder to consume. If you want to avoid all the hassle, you should go for dry herbs and dry herb vaporizers. It’s also very convenient and pocket-sized, so it’s portable and always ready-on-the-go. Just load them with dry herbs, turn the, on, and voila!

It’s more available!
You can find dry herb vaporizers anywhere as well as the dry herb products. Unlike dry herbs, finding high-quality oil concentrates and waxes is difficult. A variety of vaporizers with different features with some even being available for dry herbs and waxes can be found in the market.

It’s affordable!
Although vaporizers tend to vary in prices due to different features of vaporizers. Most commonly, vaporizers and affordable.

How oil concentrates compete with dry herbs

There is a wide array of oils you can choose from!
From CBD to THC, there is a wide variety of oils in the market. You can choose different kinds of flavours, terpenes, refillability, intensity, and whatnot. You can also choose between thin or thick oils. It depends on your preferability.

It’s more potent
When using the right kind of oils, oil concentrates are extremely strong. Since the components of cannabinoids are specifically extracted, other elements such as adulterants and other substances are removed. This causes it to be really concentrated as the name goes. The CBD/THC content becomes a lot higher. However, this goes with oils and cartridges that are genuinely pure and are challenging to find. Dry herb vaporizers can also be extremely potent depending on the temperature level you set.

Oil concentrate vaping is also convenient much like dry herb vaping however, the maintenance and cleaning is the problem you will have to deal with after. They differ on their availability, potency, affordability, and device. There are different tradeoffs and benefits between the two. It would boil down to which you feel would give your ideal vaping experience.

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