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Drugs Used to Enhance Pleasure

If you are a gay, trans, lesbian, or bi-sexual, you need to think about how you can enhance your sexual experience. Unlike some years ago, there is a cultural change in the use of drugs; they are now more accepted, and more widely used. The market offers a number of products which you can use for your sex life. Here are the top five:


Alcohol is going to make you overcome barriers to sex, low confidence for instance. Psychological inhibitions have far reaching positive implications in increasing the desire to sex. However, the danger with using alcohol for sexual endeavor is that it can affect your discretion in choosing your partner. It is not uncommon to see an LGBT individual in regrets after engaging in sex after consumption of alcohol. The beer goggle hypothesis holds that a regular drinker finds individuals more attractive than they actually are. As far as possible, plan an alcohol experience with your partner before taking alcohol.


Cannabis prepares you for time in bed, relaxes you, and prepares you for quality time with your partner. A study found out that people who use cannabis have 20 % more sex than those who do not. Cannabis improves the overall sexual experience, sex drive, and orgasm. However, be careful about dependency to cannabis. Only take it when you are waiting for your partner and not every day. Again, some states do not allow marijuana, and you might face legal problems with the authorities.


Ecstasy is otherwise known as the love drug. The drug heightens the sexual experience and promotes a longer sexual interaction. Molly (as it is often referred) makes you get cozy with your partner and helps you to open up. It has been credited for heightening the senses, enhancing intimacy, and promoting communication. Users have reported more arousal, better desire, and better orgasmic intensity. However, users of ecstasy have reported palpitations as well as abnormal racing of the heart.


The greatest advantage with using poppers is that you are going to have a relaxed mind. Poppers are credited for loosening up the muscles. The LGBT community has benefited from poppers because of its facilitation to anal sex. It has also enhanced arousal as well as promoting an orgasm. The danger with poppers is that an over-dose can lead to side effects such as low blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, and vomiting. Poppers may or may not be available in your country, therefore it is best to check. For example, poppers UKsales and sellers are allowed, but other countries such as Australia they are both prohibited.


Viagra is perhaps the most well-known sexual drug. As a matter of fact, the words sexual drug, when used in the community, can be interpreted as viagra. Viagra makes it easier for the user to attain an erection, and to maintain it. If you use Viagra, you are going to take longer before you ejaculate thereby having a better time with your partner. However, Viagra has been blamed for increased incidences of heart attacks. Other side effects of Viagra include flu, headache, stomach upsets, and back pain.

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