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Drug-Induced Psychosis: How to Spot It?

Drug-induced psychosis is a mental condition where a person experiences psychotic behavior as a result of direct drug abuse. This is also called stimulant psychosis. This condition can be experienced by a drug addict with no mental health issues. But an addict who already has some mental disorder may indulge in this drug-induced psychosis much more quickly and with more severity than a person with normal mental health. This condition, if occurs without the involvement of drugs, may continue after the impact of the drug wears out. But if it is a drug-induced psychosis, it may fade away when the effect of the drug wears out. One may experience this psychotic problem even when trying to quit the usage of some drug. This may include an onset during intoxication and onset in case of showing withdrawal symptoms. This condition occurs in an individual who already has a mental illness by using drugs like cocaine, alcohol, or any opioid, it gets much more harmful. 

How to Spot Drug-Induced Psychosis?

Drug-induced psychosis can be spotted by having a deep look at the signs and symptoms of this disorder. This disorder can be spotted by observing the following symptoms.

1. Hallucination

 Hallucination may include distorted sensory perceptions, mostly auditory and visual senses are distorted and one may hear or see things that do not exist in the real world. But this may include smell and touch disorders. 

2. Delusion

Delusion may include a person's self-created and wrong beliefs that never exist in reality. But a person with drug-induced delusion may believe such unbelievable things to be a reality around him, even if someone proves with evidence that his perceived reality is not a reality. But he still believes in that "Reality". These delusionary thoughts may include persecution delusion, jealousy delusion, etc. 

3. Anti-social behavior

Antisocial and isolated behavior can be easily visible in persons suffering from drug-induced psychosis. The abusers are much more likely to remain in isolation. 

4. Panic Attacks

A person suffering from drug-induced psychosis is more likely to face panic attacks. He may feel depressed and may get into anxiety and tension. All of these are a symbol of psychosis induced by drugs.

5. Confusion

A drug abuser with psychosis has a confused personality. Clarity of thought and actions becomes lesser with time.

6. Trouble Taking Care of One's Self

Psychotic patients cannot even take care of themselves. They even forget to eat, take a bath, and can not manage things around them.

7. Communication Hazards

Lack of clear communication skills is still another symptom to spot drug-induced psychosis. The person suffering from this difficulty can not communicate properly with the people around them.

8. Hypersensitivity

These people become more sensitive to their surroundings. They sense the sounds, sight, smell, and other sensations with much more hypersensitivity than a normal person.

9. Social Withdrawal

The persons with induced drug psychosis indulge in social withdrawal. They become less social and like to live in isolation. This is a very important symptom of the problem.

10. Lack of Motivation and Lethargy

Like other drug addicts, people suffering from drug-induced psychosis become demotivated, they lack motivation and get lethargic. 

Drug-induced psychosis is a much more harmful and dangerous condition than ever occurs in drug abusers. Its conditions vary from person to person but following the above-mentioned signs and symptoms, this condition can be spotted in the addictive persons.

Treatment and Cost

Patients who have both mental illness and substance addiction are said to have co-occurring disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment is recommended to deal with these concerns in the United States, particularly in New Jersey. Dual diagnosis treatment in New Jersey can assist patients with dual disorders in achieving long-term recovery. You can also take advantage of Medicare Health Insurance. It is best to seek treatment as soon as possible. Before you do, make sure to check with your insurance provider if they cover treatment. 

In The End…

Prolonged abuse of any drug may induce Psychosis. These psychotic symptoms may occur as bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia. If this drug-induced psychotic disorder is experienced by a person already having any mental illness, the condition becomes even worse, and to differentiate between the disastrous effects of the drug on an addict and drug-induced psychosis is almost impossible.

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