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10 Reasons Why a Dog Makes Your
Life More Awesome

Human best friend

By Betti Wilson

Getting a four-legged friend is a difficult and responsible decision that needs to be carefully considered. Hopefully, arguments below will help you to understand that life without a pet is actually boring and monotonous.

We all know about the excellent qualities of service breeds that guard the house and protect their owners. Believe it or not, but even dogs under 20 pounds can bring benefits to a person. Big kind puppy eyes, wet nose, and soft skin will make your heart beat faster and feel childish joy. So, there are many reasons to get a dog, read them if in doubt.

10 Reasons Why a Dog Makes Your Life More Awesome

  1. Dogs Relieve of Laziness
    Have you ever wondered why dog lovers are so active and not lazy? After all, no one and nothing but a dog can force a person to rise from a cozy sofa and go outside in any weather! You need to walk with your furry pooch at least 2 times a day. So, within a few months, you will not even notice how you will become a mobile and active person. Laziness is a bad quality that you need to get rid of. And the dog in this situation is the best remedy! Also, you can learn the secret life of pet dog toys as you will always need to keep them clean.
  2. Dogs Cure of Many Diseases
    You have probably heard about animal therapy. In medicine, it has been successfully developing for several years now. Our smaller brothers treat not only mental trauma, illness and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They improve human health in general! Sounds interesting?

    Everything is very simple. Being forced to stay with a dog outside in freezing weather at least several times a month, you involuntarily temper your body to a great extent. After that, you will not be afraid of any cold and flu!

    Dog outside
  3. Make a Lot of New Friends
    Choose dogs for better lives. Every day, walking with your pooch, you will certainly meet a like-minded person. Dog lovers are a special people. They are sociable, kind and sincere, as their pets. Therefore, among them, you can find your soul mate. In addition, there are cases when the easy acquaintance of people walking their pets, develops into a strong and happy marriage.
  4. Forget about Boredom and Loneliness
    If your second half often leaves on business trips, leaving you alone for a long time, then you just need a dog. Otherwise, whom will you take care of while your partner is not at home? You need to feed and entertain your pooch. Also, you will have to spend some time with the best pooper scooper outside. Therefore, with your four-legged friend, you will not even notice the absence of your second half. In addition, a pup will always be glad to meet you at home when you return after a hard day’s work. You will not offend him, even if you forget to ask how he is doing.
  5. Dogs Help to Grow Kids
    Kids who have a pooch grow into strong personalities. After all, pets have something to learn. If you buy a puppy for your child, you will teach him responsibility. The child, pledging to care for the pet, quickly becomes accustomed to the regime. He will not be able to stay behind the computer for longer than the allotted time, as he will need to take the pup for a walk. Before you choose a breed, learn what dog lives the longest.
  6. Life Savers
    Trained animals for a quarter of an hour feel the coming stroke, so they manage to warn the owner about it. Scientists cannot figure out this phenomenon yet.

    Many individuals have a universal blood group and work as donors for other animals. Also, there are a lot of well-known stories when the most ordinary dog rescued his owner in an absolutely hopeless situation. These pets always ready to help in time.

    Pets help
  7. Dogs Teach People Smiling
    Just because they are funny. Regardless of the breed - even small-medium dogs can cause a smile in his owner. Positive emotions are the best cure for stress, about which so many people are now talking. Medicines, psychologists, courses on the search for the meaning of life - all this is not necessary for a dogman. After all, a beloved pet, who has made a sweet face or just put his head on your knees, is the best remedy for the blues.
  8. Happiness for Owners
    What do dogs like to do for fun? Well, a furry pooch, who is with you at home, is real happiness. The thing is in the release of a significant amount of oxytocin by the body. This well-known happiness hormone is responsible for peace and pleasure. Scientists have proven that dog owners constantly enjoy life, their self-esteem is at their best, and fatigue of dog lovers is rarely visited.

    Of course, you'll want to avoid being scratch or your furniture damaged. You need quality dog nail clippers with sensor - it's an important thing for your dog’s health.

    Faithful Companions
  9. Faithful Companions
    Canines joined the man 18-32 thousand years ago, evolving from the wolf. Wolves and Pyrenees dog breeds live in packs, where ties between relatives are very strong. This behavior makes dogs so faithful. Scientists explained that canines see packs in their owners, so they become attached to them as if they are his brother or sister.
  10. Friends for Elderly People
    Anyone will be delighted with the dog as a companion, but this is especially true for the elderly. With a dog quality of life will be improved. Elderly pet owners are more satisfied with their physical, moral, social condition. Four-legged pets expand the circle of communication of old people, give confidence in themselves, the meaning of life and the strength to live on. Nursing homes keep a staff of companion dogs for more fun.

So, what does all this mean? First of all, dogs make people kinder and more tolerant towards neighbors. You can be sure that your child will transfer the best qualities of the pet. Next to the pooch, he will not become heartless and cruel.

If these arguments have not convinced you that dog must be present in your family, then just take note that among people you are unlikely to meet such a devoted friend. It does not matter if you have your own housing, the recognition of colleagues and the respect of your parents, an account in a Swiss bank and the latest model of BMW. All that matters to a dog is your attention and love!

Author’s Bio:
Betti Wilson is fond of pets and has canines of different breeds at home. She spent several years investigating how dogs influence human life. Now she is ready to share the results of her research with people, who live without pets. Through her posts, you will feel how interesting and vivid is life with dogs. Also, she shares interesting ideas on how to grow your pets healthy, active and devoted.

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