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Does Smoking Weed Make you Skinny?

Cannabis use has long been known to induce people to eat a lot those with medical disorders related to appetite disorders look to the use of marijuana to aid them in their eating disorders. But recent studies have shown that prolonged and continuous cannabis use has effects that lead to appetite suppression. A lot of research on the use of cannabis as a medicinal option has started to appear, this is mainly due to the legalization of medical cannabis use in as many as 30 states in the US and Canada. This legalization can only mean one thing, more cannabis users will be needing weed and this has led to various online seed banks sprouting left and right on the internet. One such reputable seed bank is Sonoma Seeds who can provide the right type of medical cannabis weed suited for your disorder. Further, the availability of marijuana dispensaries has also been seen in states where medical marijuana is deemed legal.

What is THCV?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin, THCV for short, is another compound found in the cannabis plant that offers a different set of effects and medicinal benefits that is different from the more popular cannabinoids THC and CBD. THCV may be the next big thing in cannabis. With the rise of popularity of CBD due to its potential pain-relieving prowess, THCV, with its unique effects may capture the whole cannabis community by storm. With its supposed alignment with weight loss, cannabis legalization may now enter its final phase before it is legalized globally.

Effects and Benefits of THCV?

THCV is very similar to THC in that it has the same molecular structure and contain psychoactive properties. But this cannabinoid provides a different set of effects and benefits different from that of THC.

  • THCV is can help in inhibiting the appetite - THCV is said to avert the appetite, so instead of inducing munchies, this cannabinoid lessens the user’s urge to eat. This cannabinoid is good for users who focus on weight loss.
  • THCV has claims to reducing the blood sugar levels of its users. This cannabinoid can regulate blood sugar levels and lessen insulin resistance.
  • THCV stimulates bone growth by promoting the body’s production of new bone cells. This is a great compound to aid in the treatment of bone-related diseases. Currently, this effect is under close study due to its potential healing capabilities. 

THCV in Cannabis as an Effective Treatment Against Obesity

This compound has psychoactive effects and is known to curb the user’s appetite by suppressing the urge to take in lots of amounts of food. Unlike the well-known fact that cannabis somehow induces the urge to munch even when not hungry, this cannabinoid does otherwise. Continuous use of marijuana strains with high concentrations of THCV is said to be an aid in weight reduction as continuous use will not give the users the urge to eat but rather, focus on a different trip instead. Continued use also has led researchers to conclude that THCV helps reduce the user’s Body Mass Index (BMI) due to its ability to increase the metabolic efficiency of the user’s body.

High THCV Strains

With all the potential health benefits these cannabinoids can offer, here are some HIGH THCV cannabis strains that every cannabis enthusiast should be made aware of.

  • Durban Poison this award-winning medical marijuana strain has been at the forefront of medical research now dealing with THCV and its potential benefits due to its high THCV content
  • Doug’s Varin is the marijuana strain of choice for many oils and extracts producing companies due to its high THCV content.
  • Pink Boost Goddess is fairly new to come out in the market and was specifically bred to produce a high THCV marijuana strain. Unlike most high THCV marijuana strains, this weed is an Indica-dominant strain while the others are Sativa-dominant.
  • Pineapple Purps is a rare Sativa-dominant strain that was measured to have a consistent 4% THCV content in it.

With all the new information on this potentially new wonder compound, weight loss is still recommended to be jointly practiced by having a regular exercise schedule accompanied by a healthy diet. These compounds being offered are just mere aids to assist in further reduction of weight.

Watch out as THCV may be the key to finally legalizing medical cannabis use internationally! 

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