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7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Dog Happier

Most people do a lot for their pets. And that is a sign of a great parent/owner. However, do you believe that there aren’t any areas or specific niches where you can improve? We think that there definitely are, and this is why we have assembled a list of 7 things that any person can do. These actions and things should and likely will result in the increase of happiness for your dog, and in turn – a more loyal, healthier, entertaining pet. Let’s begin...

make your dog happier

1. Be more active

One thing you can begin from is just adding at least 10-15 minutes of active time with your dog during the day. Whether it’s one more walk, an active play session, a short jog or just 15 minutes of fetch, 99% of the dogs would be a lot better if they had some more physical activity during the day. Being outside, in fresh air is also great for you, so it is actually a win-win type of situation that you should pay attention to.

2. Allow them to socialise

Your dog is the happiest when she or he has the freedom to be themselves. That is only possible if they learn to socialise and are given the opportunity to spend time amongst other people and dogs. While aggressive or destructive behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated, interaction with guests, other dogs and in general, other living beings should be encouraged. This is very beneficial to the dog emotionally as it prevents them from pent up aggression.

3. Groom them more often

Although baths shouldn’t be taken more than twice per month, you probably could brush and cut their hair as well as trim their nails a lot more than you do now. Nails should be trimmed every 10-14 days, otherwise they might end up damaging something, hurting you when their paws touch you. Long nails also cause pain for the pup him/herself. Getting a dog nail grinder with safety guard seems like a viable solution if you want to improve the well-being of your pet right away.

4. Treats – there can never be enough of them

Treats aren’t just a delicious snack that your dog is willing to stand on two legs for. They are also probably the most important tool in dog training and teaching. By using a treat, you can form the right set of habits, reduce stress or prove your point and make a thing worth doing for the pet. If you are able to find healthy treats, you can even reach two goals at once by forming a habit and bettering health simultaneously. We recommend using treats on the regular. However, don’t seek to replace regular food with treats, only use them as a tool to form a stronger bond with your pet.

5. Take them somewhere

Want to see purely natural excitement and happiness? Take your dog for a drive and go with them on a beach, take a walk in the park or get a lakeside picnic. Changing the environment for a little bit can result in a great boost of morale. A dog that spends a lot of time in one place can become passive or aggressive and untrusting.

6. Pet more

Petting is the primary form of affection that you can show your pet. Don’t hesitate to pick them up, sit the dog on your lap and gently brush their back, scratch their neck or the chin. It’s something that probably 99% of the dogs enjoy and you, petting shows love which is exactly what every dog wants.

7. Vet check-ups

Vet check-ups aren’t meant to better the emotional health of your pet or to strengthen his or her bond with you. They are meant to help you keep tabs on how well they’re doing. Just like a human, a dog can suffer from some kinds of issues that may need attention. For example, it may seem that your dog needs special supplements or some kind of ration that supplies a particular nutrient which he or she lacks. Vets can help determine and provide you with all of the guidance to help you maintain or even improve the physical health of your pup.

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