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8 Features That Make Disposable Masks
More Dependable

The outbreak of coronavirus all over the world makes wearing face masks the new normal. With millions of lives lost to the pandemic, the World Health Organization recommends wearing a mask as a reliable solution to avoid further infections. A face mask protects one from inhaling dust, particles, viruses, airborne contaminants, and infections. With various types of protective masks on the market, disposable ones stand out for their exceptional features highlighted below.

Disposable Masks

1. Low-cost PPE

Since the pandemic outbreak, people rushed to grab Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) especially face masks. The increased demand sparked shortfalls in production and a hike in prices. For people with a large family or team, buying disposable face masks in bulk is a low-cost solution to keep your people safe. Wearing face masks ensures that everyone is following guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19. Acquiring disposable measures portrays effort in ensuring the safety of everyone without spending a fortune.

2. Most effective

The market has various types of face masks and shields from various materials. However, disposable masks, including three-ply masks, are more effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19. The three-ply disposable masks are medical grade with three lays of construction to offer exceptional protection, comfort, and breathability. Additionally, these masks give users fluid protection to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Employers have to acquire medical grade face masks to ensure their workplaces comply with safety guidelines. You have to find where to buy disposable face masks in bulk for your team. Ideal disposable masks block about 95 percent of airborne particles to keep the user safe. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) strongly recommends using disposable masks by employees, especially frontline workers.

3. NIOSH approval

Certification is essential when acquiring face masks. Apart from complying with OSHA regulations, check that the masks are Approved Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators (NIOSH®) approved. This indicates that the masks underwent rigorous testing to meet or exceed particle blockage, safety, and filtration standards.

4. Limits virus transmission

Wearing face masks is to curb the spread of coronavirus. So, the rule of thumb is to invest masks with tested to limit virus transmission. Always look for OSHA and NIOSH® approved disposable face masks that offer exceptional protection from droplets and airborne particles. Given that these masks are disposable, there is less risk of transferring the virus. Disposing of the mask ensures that the wearer is safe at all times.

5. Single-use

Face masks are personal protective equipment for limiting the spread of coronavirus today. So, no one should share their mask with others. However, there is a risk of misplacing a reusable mask and picking one from another person creating the potential to pass on the infection. Single-use masks avoid transmitting the virus since the user puts off the mask and throws it away immediately. Discarding the mask safely when soiled or having breathing problems to get a new one is a strong measure to curb virus transmission.

6. No need for washing

People who use cloth masks have to wash them regularly before reuse. However, there is a risk of not cleaning the mask thoroughly. Keep in mind that there is a chance of forgetting to wash the mask in soapy water daily. Wearing a dirty mask puts the user at a significant risk of catching the virus or transmitting it to other people. With a disposable mask, the user avoids the inconvenience of having to wash it daily. Most importantly, always using a new clean mask guarantees safety of everyone to promote a COVID-free world.

7. Handy to use anywhere anytime

A disposable mask is easy to carry around anywhere. People can keep some disposable masks at the desk in the office, in the car, or in their backpacks. All it takes is moving with enough disposable masks and keeping them in a clean plastic bag to protect them from contamination before use. Invest in bulk disposable masks so everyone will have enough to use to ensure safety all the time.

With some masks handy, one can easily wear one immediately they begin to experience signs of COID-19. This ensures no chance of infecting others on the wear to a checkup center or while in the waiting room to see the doctor.

8. Easy to wear

For protection from airborne contaminants and droplets, wearing a disposable face mask is so easy. The mask covers the mouth and nose for maximum protection in various situations. The three layers of medical-grade disposable masks offer superior all-around protection. These filter out about 95 percent of airborne particles of varying sizes.

Additionally, disposable masks come in blue and white color. The blue side is away from the face with a waterproof coating to keep fluids away from the wearer. Disposable masks have a malleable white strip that faces upward across the wearer’s face. These features make it so easy to tell the correct way to wear the mask for ideal protection.

Bottom line

Wearing a face mask today is the new normal. For people with teams, investing in masks for your people is essential to comply with workplace safety guidelines. To be sure that everyone is safe, disposable masks are a great choice. These match OSHA guidelines, ultimate protection, and are cheap when bought in bulk.

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