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Which Diseases Can Have a Negative Effect
on Dental Health?

Usually, people ignore their dental and oral health either because of the fear of visiting a dentist or not giving it as much importance as other parts of the body due to lack of awareness. If you are one of them, it is critical to know that routine dental examinations can save you from many health problems and risks by making you timely aware of them. A dentist not just investigates your cavities but can also point out the underlying medical condition behind it as the mouth happens to be the gateway to your whole body and signals its general health. The tooth and gum problems may manifest something serious, such as immunity, heart, or lung disorder.

That's why it is necessary not to delay the treatment when you or your child faces any dental issue and get in touch with one of the trusted urgent dental care experts for the same. Early detection and timely care can prevent a lot of stress and health deterioration. Nevertheless, here is a quick look into some diseases that can be the reason for dental issues to understand the matter's gravity.

Health conditions causing dental or oral challenges

High blood pressure

High blood pressure levels can cause red and bleeding gums. Plus, the high BP medicines can also impact them, leading to dryness in the mouth and eventually tooth decay. To handle this, you need to consult your physician and dentist for the best way.


Blood sugar can hurt your gums badly, leading to severe oral disorders like periodontitis. In this condition, gums start shrinking, due to which your teeth can become loose or come out. You can reduce this risk by keeping your sugar levels in check. If you have gums problems and diabetes, a periodontist would be helpful.

Lung ailments

Pneumonia, bronchitis, or chronic pulmonary disorder can also connect to your gum problem as these can cause bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria can eventually reach your lungs and affect them. Your dentist can help you take care of your gums. If you are a smoker, you should inform your doctor about it and work on your quitting habit as smoking is harmful to your dental and lungs.


With weight gain, you also become vulnerable to periodontitis. Although researchers are still studying the connection between overweight and unhealthy gums, they believe that inflammation can have something to do with both. Fat cells cause protein buildup that can lead to inflammation, and inflammation can be one reason for your gum disease. Hence, maintaining weight as well as dental and oral hygiene is essential.


Do you have pale and sore gums? Your low blood levels or anemia can be the main culprit here. Anemia can happen because of several factors, and hence, the treatment can vary. Usually, patients have to increase the intake of vitamins and iron as a supplement. So, if your dentist sees you have pale gums, he or she can refer a proper doctor to you.

Acid reflux

It can be surprising, but your dentist can be the first one to inform you about this disease. A person suffering from this will have erosion on the back teeth caused by stomach acid harmful to your enamel. If you experience this condition in the daytime, you can use water to rinse your mouth thoroughly. Doing this is vital for protecting your teeth. However, don't try to brush them as the acid's impact can still be powerful on your enamel, and hence, the chances of damage will be higher. Besides, at nighttime, you should have your meal two to three hours before you sleep. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and any other thing that causes acidic reactions. You can opt to get teeth cleaning services with the dentist in Tamarac as a form of preventive measure too.

A point to consider

Early detection means early prevention and sometimes a cure too. Your dental or oral health mirrors the condition of your internal system. So when you take care of it, you essentially take care of the larger part of your body. Whether you or your kid has any problem with teeth or gum, you must not ignore it. If you live in Overland Park, Kansas, you can check dental clinics there. For kids, you will have to visit pediatric dentist Overland Park.

A child dentist can educate your kid about hygienic and safe oral health practices while treating their dental condition, such as crowded teeth, cavities, gum disease, chipped tooth, etc. They can also do routine cleaning to help them maintain their teeth in a healthy shape.

Taking your kid to a dentist from an early age can be extremely advantageous for their overall wellbeing. While their teeth and gums will remain in good shape, any sign of an underlying medical condition can also get detected in its early stage, leading to timely remedy.

At the same time, your kid can grow more responsible toward maintaining dental health and hygiene.

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