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Do These Five Seemingly Insignificant Things and Your Stress Will Instantly Disappear

The world around us expands and develops at a fraction of a second. New gadgets, new technology, new medicine, new policies - all of them bring fundamentally positive changes to the way we live and experience things.

However, oftentimes that rapid expansion can be overwhelming to the point where we cannot even perceive the whole scope of it. Besides, when we don’t understand something, or it becomes too burdensome, we stress out and anxiety hits us really hard.

In those times, we become paralyzed and lose the ability to function properly. And while anxiety is certainly among the biggest psychological problems for billions of people, there are many ways you can fight back and increase your self-efficacy.

In this article, we’ll offer five weird and seemingly insignificant methods that you can use to reduce stress levels and return to proper functioning. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Stick a pair of gums in your mouth

We’ve all had someone in our lives, scolding us for chewing gum at school or anywhere else. In my case, my father and I used to have debates about whether gum is bad for my teeth or it helps remove some of the bacteria that are left from the meal.

But beyond these teeth-related implications, the psychologists have come up with a discovery that chewing gum can actually help lower the stress levels. For example, when you’re studying or preparing for an exam, or even during the test, putting gum in your mouth and chewing it continuously can help you perform more effectively.

As scientists suggest, the process of chewing provides enough stimulation to the brain that it doesn’t get distracted by other things that would otherwise throw you off. For instance, does a car horn distract you while you’re studying? No problem, chew a piece of gum or two and you will start to slowly come around.

Not to sound overly unprofessional, here’s a study that was conducted in 2008 that shows just how beneficial chewing gum really is. As it indicates, people who chewed gum were much less anxious, less stressed and distracted, and concentrated on the immediate subject of their interest.

Play one or two casino games online

I know what you are thinking: doesn’t gambling lead to a serious problem of addiction and various financial difficulties? Have we not learned our lesson to not promote those games any further?

On the one hand, you’re totally right. In some cases, gamblers develop a problem gambling syndrome that destroys not only their psyche but also their financial stability. However, the studies conducted in different countries indicate that only a small fraction of gamblers sink into this problem, while others actually get some positive effects.

As the scientific data suggests, responsible gambling can be a sure way to reduce anxiety and lower stress levels. In fact, the New South Wales survey about gambling shows that people have improved their lives and made it “more enjoyable” after they began playing casino games.

But Australia isn’t the only country with this effect. The citizens of New Zealand in the region, as well as other parts of the world, also indicate the positive effects of gambling on their lives. So, as you play slots online for real money in NZ or anywhere else, keep in mind that you’re also battling anxiety.

Spend time with doggos

Dogs aren’t considered our best friends for nothing. These cute little - some extremely large - animals show us, the humans, how to love unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.

And by spreading the rays of love, dogs also help us battle our own anxieties and insecurities. According to various studies, people who own dogs and can spend some time with them are more enthusiastic about virtually everything and less stressed with everyday stuff.

Some university campuses, as well as psychologists, opt for “pet therapy” practices that cure their patients’ psychological disorders, including stress. So, next time you walk past the dog, do yourself a favour and give him/her a gentle rub. You’ll thank yourself later.

Why don’t you buy a bonsai?

Trees are an incremental part of our life. Without their oxygen-producing effort, we’d not be alive today - that’s a fact. However, there’s so much more to them than mere oxygen (yet nothing about it is superficial).

Have you heard about those small trees from Japan called bonsai? And if you have, aren’t they cool? They definitely are - with their bent shapes and small sizes. And as scientists suggest, bonsai can have a really beneficial effect on our mental health.

So, here’s the deal: you must start everything from the beginning. First, you have to buy seed and let it grow for a while. Then, you bent a metal wire around its trunk and give any shape and direction you want. As the tree grows, you have to cut off its side branches, as well as the top ones, as you don’t want it to grow too big. And after a while, you get this incredibly nice-looking bonsai that fills you with joy and fulfilment.

So, one or two bonsai in a stress-packed room can provide a sufficient amount of oxygen to clear the air both literally and figuratively.

Get a balloon and inflate it

We’ll begin this last part of our advice by warning: if you’re extremely afraid of popping balloon sounds, then skip this step - the above-mentioned tips can sufficiently lower your stress levels. We don’t necessarily claim that all the balloons that you inflate will pop, but try to convince “Poppo phobic” people in that.

So, what’s the big deal about inflating a balloon? Well, as it turns out, it can fight anxiety. And it is quite straightforward if you think about it: when you try to blow one up, you take a deep breath. And as every psychologist suggests, deep breaths can effectively reduce stress and anxiety.

So, whenever you feel like stress is coming, find a balloon and blow it with all your strength. The results will be astonishing.

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