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The Different Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a common condition that can occur at any age but is most frequently developed as you advance in age. It's an irreversible condition that may cause challenges in everyday life and can often result in frustration and anger. Although it can be a complex condition, hearing loss can be helped through various methods, like hearing aids.

You can acquire many types of hearing aids from hearing clinics that are available, and this wide selection can be a bit overwhelming. Many companies have developed new inventions to help you hear better and help you live a fulfilling life without hearing loss obstructing your daily routines. Some of these devices have much better technology than others, but they all work similarly.

Understanding the different types and differences is important when choosing what device will work for you. You may be surprised at how differently various devices can help you hear.

1. Analog Hearing Aids

Analog hearing aids are pretty standard, and one of the most common hearing aids used. They have been around since the 1960s and do not use high-tech equipment. This means they can lack many high-tech features or new technology that modern hearing aids will have.

They are good at amplifying sound, but they may struggle to differentiate different sounds, making it difficult to understand conversations and, therefore, you might feel discouraged to use them all the time.

2. Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids are currently the most common form of hearing aid and can be acquired at any hearing clinic. They are going to have a variety of features and can be used for both everyday and special purposes. For communication, your device may have speech enhancement features that will allow you to hear more easily. Still, it is also important to understand that these hearing aids alone may not be enough for someone who needs extra help with hearing.

3. Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are an excellent choice for someone who wants something small and discreet. These devices fit behind the ear and will help by amplifying sound. They are not always the most comfortable choice, but they are very easy to hide. Some even come with a built-in Bluetooth option to connect to your cell phone or tablet.

4. Canal

Canal hearing aids are helpful for children and adults who have trouble hearing or just want to make their own choice of device. They can be used in any ear and are usually the most petite and most discreet option. They also work well without a receiver in the ear to help the correct sound.

5. In-the-Ear (ITE)

In-the-ear hearing aids are the most common type of device that you will use today. They are smaller than behind-the-ear devices, so they are great for adults who want something more discreet.

These hearing aids are usually comfortable and easy to use. They can be used in both ears and help make phone calls by amplifying your voice from the receiver.

6. Receiver In-the-Ear (RITE)

Receiver in-the-ear hearing aids work much like in-the-ear devices, but they come with a receiver to help make phone calls easier. They tend to be larger than other hearing aids and are most commonly used for younger children. These devices do not have a high-tech feature to distinguish different sounds, so it will be more difficult to hear if you cannot hear as well in the first place.

7. Behind-the-Neck

This type of device may be a little high-tech, but it is also highly effective. The end of the device is clipped to the neck and will help your brain distinguish different sounds. This will allow you to hear better without putting too much stress on your body. You may feel discomfort initially, but it will get better in time.

8. Oticon

Oticon hearing aids stand out in the crowd. They come with special features that make them unique. They also allow you to use a smartphone to control your device and use it for wearing an earphone or other things. These hearing aids are great for those who want something high-tech and a little different from the rest of the market.

9. Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA)

Bone-anchored hearing aids are considered prosthetic devices. They are implanted into your skull and work in a very similar way to cochlear implants. The device will send signals to your hearing nerves. They can be painful initially, but they get more comfortable with time. These are great devices for those with high-frequency hearing loss and can also help if you have nerve damage or suffered an injury to the ear which has caused you to lose your hearing.


Hearing is vital to everyone, but it is especially important in communication.When we think of hearing aids, we may not always think about ourselves as the people who need them, but the truth is that many people in your life will benefit from using a hearing aid, and eventually, you could also require a hearing aid when you're older. Whether you have trouble hearing because of a medical condition or you want to hear better for everyday use, these devices can help you accomplish your goals.

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