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Difference Between Full-spectrum CBD and Isolate

The hemp industry has witnessed rapid growth over the recent past, with more and more people realizing the benefits of hemp products. One of the most popular hemp products, that is making headlines across the globe is CBD oil. Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the hemp plant. It's one of many active cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant, but more popular than others due to its accessibility and numerous medical applications.

Types of CBD: CBD Isolate and Full-Spectrum CBD

If you're a CBD user, you've probably encountered the terms "CBD isolate and Full Spectrum CBD" while shopping and wondered what they mean. Well, in a nutshell, these terms represent the types of CBD contained in different products, and understanding their difference is vital. In this article, we will discuss the difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD to help you make an informed choice.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate, as the name suggests, is the purest form of CBD that is made by isolating just the cannabidiol molecule from other cannabinoids of the hemp plant. The isolate is a white crystalline slab or powder that is usually mixed with a carrier oil to form tinctures, or put in capsules and edible products. CBD isolates are mostly labeled 99% pure, meaning that they have no other active ingredient, including THC, the cannabinoid associated with the "high" effect of marijuana. Because CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, it can be easily added in various products without affecting their taste or smell. The powder form of it can be added to oils, food, baked goods, oils, vape cartridges, and tinctures. It's also added as an ingredient in the face or body topicals, without impacting their overall smell.

Advantages of CBD Isolate

  • It's best for people who may react to other types of cannabinoids
  • CBD isolate has o psychoactive effects because it doesn't contain THC
  • It's the perfect form of CBD for people who need higher concentrations or doses of CBD
  • CBD isolate is usually odorless, tasteless, and with a reduced risk for irritation
  • CBD isolate products are typically cheaper than full spectrum CBD products.

Disadvantages of CBD Isolate

The major drawback of CBD isolate is that users don't receive all the benefits of the hemp plant, as it doesn't contain other cannabinoids like CBDA, CBN, and CBC.

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

In contrast to CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD is a form of CBD that contains all the cannabinoids, not just CBD. It's sometimes called "whole plant" because the entire extract from the hemp plant is included, meaning that you are ingesting the full-spectrum of the cannabinoids contained in the plant. The major advantage of consuming full-spectrum CBD is that you'll receive all the benefits of CBD. Products made from full spectrum CBD contain negligible amounts of THC ( less than 0.3%), meaning that users won't experience the "high" feeling of marijuana.

Advantages of Full-spectrum CBD

  • It offers all the benefits of the hemp plant
  • It's good for people with conditions that cannot be alleviated by CBD isolate alone
  • It contains additional cannabinoids that help in the proper functioning of the ECS system

Disadvantages of Full Spectrum CBD

  1. If you consume products with full spectrum CBD with THC content of more than 0.3%, it can show on drug tests.
  2. If it has over 0.3% THC, full spectrum CBD can have psychoactive and sedative effects.
  3. Full Spectrum CBD may be illegal in some states and countries that prohibit the use of cannabis

The Bottom Line

There's no type of CBD that is better than the other. Both Full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate have their unique features, which are best suited for specific ailments or individuals. Therefore, it's important to consider your needs before deciding which type to purchase.

It's also important to consider the quality of the product when buying. Ensure you buy high-quality products from reputable and licensed suppliers or manufacturers in order to reap all the benefits of CBD.

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