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What’s the Difference Between
Blender and Food Processor?

Difference Between Blender and Food Processor

You may hear the words “food processor” and “blender” and wonder what the difference is between these two kitchen tools. While both items have some functions that they share, they really are very different items and not at all interchangeable.

When we think of a blender, this item tends to be used to puree or crush items such as food and ice so that the product can become liquified as a drink, drizzle, or dip.

Food processors, on the other hand, can also be used to puree, though it has a variety of other functions that include slicing, grating, shredding, and dicing.

There is more than one difference between blender and food processor devices, and we will get into what makes them both necessary and what you can create in the kitchen with these two tools.

Food Processors Have Multiple Blades, and Blenders Have Fixed Blades

One of the common differences between the two items is that most food processors come with multiple blades – or what are termed discs.

These discs are necessary to puree, chop, mix, whip, whisk, stir and knead items in your bowl (especially in cases where your food processor comes with a whisk). Blenders, on the other hand, include a single blade at the bottom of the jar.

While this blade can feature multiple points at various angles, it cannot be switched out. Having this construction means that it is ideal for doing activities such as finely pureeing, liquifying various ingredients, and crushing ice.

Food Processors Have Wide Bowels, and Blenders Have Tall Jars

Another key difference is the size of the canister that each item uses. For example, food processors use wide and flat blades in a wider bowl.

This means that they are ideal for generating specific cuts such as slices or shreds because having the wider work bowl means there is much more space to process larger ingredients and batches or ingredients that are placed in whole such as carrots or bulky vegetables like potatoes.

Blenders, on the other hand, have tall sides. The reason for this is because tall jars are ideal for holding the full weight of the liquids they blend, and the height also means that the items within can keep circulating and blending the fruit or vegetable you are using until you achieve the ideal consistency.

In addition to the tall jar, blenders also include a handle and pouring lip and beveled edges to pour out liquid ingredients.

What You Can Make in Blenders

There are a number of items you can make in your blender. They include:

Applesauce: To make this homemade item, be sure to use apples, cinnamon, strawberries, or other berries, mango, or carrots. This gives you a perfectly smooth or even chunky pureed fruit blend.

Coconut oil: To make this item be sure to add a bag of unsweetened coconut flakes to your blender. In minutes you will have the perfect coconut oil that does not include additives or preservatives.

Crushing ice: If you need to crush ice for an event or for a special drink you are making, pour solid cubes into your high-powered blender, and voilá!

Frozen drinks: Blenders are great for making frozen drinks such as frappéed frozen coffee drinks or cocktails such as daiquiris, fruit sangria, or frozen margaritas.

Milkshakes: Another great item to make in your blender is a milkshake. To make this item, first, add milk (so that it has that frothy element), and then any item of your choosing, depending on what flavor you desire. You can choose from fruit, cookies, or even sweet candy.

Nut butter, milk, and flour: If you are a fan of nuts, you can also make nut butters, milks, or flours – especially if you need gluten-free items in your diet. In essence, you will take your nuts and blend away. For example, you can begin by grinding almonds if you are short on time, or if you have more time on your hands, consider soaking your almonds.

Smoothies and protein shakes: Another option, especially if you like blending various food items together for a delectable breakfast, is to create smoothies and protein shakes. You can do this by including different fruit and vegetable items to create different flavors and textures each time. And if you are a gym rat, consider including protein in your drink as well.

Soups and sauces: If you are a soup fan, blenders are great for creating smooth homemade soups such as creamy tomato soup, lobster bisque, or gazpacho.

What You Can Make in Food Processors

There are a number of items you can make in your food processor as well. They include:

Baby food: Like your blender, you can introduce your child to new food items by breaking down whole and solid foods with your food processor.

After cooking them, quickly pulse your ingredients until you have food items that are either chunky or smooth purees – whichever consistency you most prefer.

Breadcrumbs: Sometimes, we don’t use up all the bread in our cupboard. If you have a food processor, consider drying your day-old bread and grounding it up to use it as breadcrumbs.

Chopping, dicing, shredding, or slicing vegetables and cheese: While you are cooking, chopping can become annoying – especially if you have a lot of items to chop, dice or slice.

By using a food processor, you can quickly chop or mince a variety of items, including onions, coleslaw, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, or tomatoes. Food processors are great for both wet and dry items.

Pesto, pâté, and tapenades: For those fancier nights when you have got dinner guests, food processors are great for making pesto sauces, pâtés, or olive tapenades.

All you have to do is bring together items such as basil, roasted garlic, spinach, or lemon and blend them down for the perfect spread or sauce.

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