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Importance of a Good Diet to Fight Anemia
- Team Healthy Women

Diet to Fight Anemia

When we think of Anemia the first thing that shall pop up in our mind is iron deficiency. Iron Deficiency is one of the most common problems that women all over the world are facing. Anemia refers to the inability of the body to produce enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the entire body. When the body does not make enough iron minerals, it fails in making hemoglobin, which can diagnose a person with Anemia.

Diet to Fight Anemia

Iron deficiency

It is believed that women have low levels of iron in their bodies. The absolute cause for women containing a higher tendency to be Anemic is pregnancy or high menstruation flow. The blood flow of women differs from one to another. Some women face extreme pains that they would rather quit and lay themselves on a bed cooling pad on the verge of stopping themselves from crying.

On average, almost 16-18 teaspoons of blood is lost during a single menstruation period. It is therefore a crystal clear assumption that women are at a higher risk of being Anemic.

Diet to Fight Anemia

Menstruation cycle | Fighting Anemia

On menstruating every month, women lose the iron that the red blood cells contain as well. Women must take iron supplements and eat iron-rich foods so that iron lost from the red blood cells because of menstruation, can be retained to avoid women becoming anemic. Almost 29 percent of non-pregnant women and 38 percent pregnant women are victims of anemia worldwide. One major cause of irregular bleeding found in women is uterine fibroids. However, pregnancy and lactation can also cause iron deficiency.

Maintain a healthy menstruation cycle
A Healthy menstruation cycle tracks how healthy a person is. If you experience irregular menstruation, you need to consider the following home remedies.

Diet to Fight Anemia
  • Start by maintaining a healthy weight. One of the best tips for maintaining good health is to keep your diet regular and healthy. Consume more foods that arek rich in iron. Exercising more or walking more. (practicing yoga, especially while you are on your period helps in good health and good menstruation flow as well).

    Maintaining good health does not necessarily mean you have to fit in size zero. Every human has a different body. Shapes and size should not tell if a person is healthy or not. The body mass and strengths that a person contains tell how fit or healthy a person is. The tip is always to eat well and feel good about your body. Embrace the body image movement and love yourself enough to maintain your health.

  • Drink healthy, soothing teas to regulate your hormones and balance the oxidants in your body. Add ginger and cinnamon to your detox drinks or the regular tea that you sip.
  • Take all the sufficient vitamins your body requires. The vitamins do not need to be in the form of capsules. Consuming more fruits and vegetables to your diet can essentially help regulate your blood flow. Add Pineapples to your diet since they can do wonders for a woman's health. Pineapples contain bromelain, which softens the uterus lining, helps with the cramps and in regulating your periods.
  • One thing that can help you regulate your periods is adding Apple cider vinegar to your daily diet.

If these tips do not work for you, consider seeing your doctor as soon as possible. Taking care of your health should never be taken for granted.

Pregnancy | Fighting Anemia

Diet to Fight Anemia

What is a healthy pregnancy?
Pregnant women need to be more conscious about what they put in themselves. The realization that they have a whole human growing in them should make them aware of how to maintain their health effectively.

The few things that can make women undergo a healthy pregnancy include:

  • Healthy eating. Eating healthy doesn't mean that you have to eat whatever and whenever. You do not need to feed yourself for another person instead, you need to make healthier eating choices and habits. You need to consume more Iron-rich foods like...

It is important to note that a healthy pregnancy requires a healthy weight gain. There are other consequences for one gaining excessive weight in their pregnancy, like premature birth, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, depression, and other birth injuries.

  • It is normal to undergo unexpected occurrences in your bodily functions in your first trimester. Once you get familiar with those changes, go for about 150 and 300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every week. Physical activity during your pregnancy can help your baby with speedy growth and healthy immunity from the beginning.
  • Get the relevant vaccination shot recommended during pregnancy, Influenza, and whooping cough, to avoid the baby getting affected by them.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking at all costs. Even small bits of nicotine and alcohol consumption can leave long-lasting unhealthy impacts on your baby’s health.

Tip: If you are an addict and find out that you are pregnant, do not push yourself, be easy on yourself, and try slowly, day by day, to detach yourself from this addiction. But, you must do it.

  • Stay away from all the toxic chemicals that can affect your body.
  • Get enough rest. Sleeping is a tonic for pregnant women. The more you rest, the more relaxed and healthy your baby will be.
Diet to Fight Anemia

How can Anemia be fought otherwise?

Consuming iron-rich foods is perhaps not the only solution to fight anemia. Anemia is not only the loss of sufficient hemoglobin in your body but, sometimes it is your body failing to make hemoglobin work correctly, and sometimes your body breaks down red blood cells abruptly.

People over 65, infants, and people on blood thinner medication are also at an open threat to become anemic.

One can also fight Anemia through:

  1. Transfusions
  2. IV infusion.
  3. Iron supplements or injections

Iron deficiency is a threat to health and one must cure it as soon as possible. If home remedies do not work, the best thing is that you pay a visit to your doctor as early as possible.

Never take your health for granted!

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