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Dialectical Behavior Therapy
What It Is and Its Benefits

Are you struggling to get through a difficult time? Maybe you have an addiction, depression, or eating disorder, or personality disorder. With the Covid-19 pandemic leveraging across the globe, cases of mental issues are increasing. The reduction of opportunities to socialize and spend time outdoors is having a hurtful impact on mental health.

As you know, when your therapist diagnoses you with a mental health issue, they recommend a series of medical and behavioral therapies. One of these therapies is dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). But you may be wondering what DBT and how can it benefit you. Keep on reading to learn more.

What is dialectical behavior therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy is a special form of cognitive behavior therapy used for treating complex mental and personality disorders and conditions. The approach initial target was for treating borderline personality disorder.

As the term dialectical suggests, this therapy applies the idea of two opposing aspects that can be valid at the same time. Hence, the therapist work on helping clients accept their current state as well as work towards changing them.

So, the approach operates on acceptance and change aspects. During the DBT sessions, the therapists focus on imparting the clients with skills that enable them to carry on their daily life effectively. The skills are in four categories which include mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.

Benefits of DBT

DBT therapy stands out as a treatment for a large number of mental conditions and disorders. If you are having a mental issue such as depression, personality, eating, and other disorders, you can consider this therapeutic option. Some of the benefits of DBT include:

Effective for complex mental health issues

No doubt, some mental health conditions are hard to treat. A good example is a borderline personality disorder. Before the development of DBT, the therapist termed this condition as untreatable. However, DBT became the golden pill for dealing with it.

With success in treating this condition, DBT became one of the most effective approaches for dealing with complex mental health challenges and conditions. It is a perfect way for dealing with depression, chronic addiction, and stress among others. So, it is a superb option for people seeking a way to manage and control their emotions and anger.

Enhances your relationship

A relationship is essential for everyone in life. Whether it is with friends, family, and workmates, you need to relate well with them to succeed. Mental health conditions can hurt how you relate with other people. For instance, if you are unable to manage your anger, you may end up hurting your colleagues. Depression can also lead to withdrawal, hostility, and conflicts.

As you know, having a strong social network is a crucial element in handling mental health issues. DBT operates on this notion. As a therapy, it emphasizes the importance of strong social relationships. This way, it does not benefit you as the patients but also it comes with long-term impacts that improve how you relate with other people.

Superb option for suicidal thoughts and self-harm treatment

Suicidal thoughts and self-harm are some of the signs of mental health conditions such as depression. Sometimes, it can be hard to manage these aspects. The reason for these thoughts is due to the inability of dealing with distress and intense emotions.

In this recognition, DBT therapy consists of skills that train people on how to handle distress and intense emotions. It impacts one with insightful knowledge on responding and tolerating various distressing aspects in life. So, it is a perfect pill for self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

Impacts essential skills that improve health and wellbeing

Despite being a technique for handling mental conditions, dialectical behavior therapy goes beyond it. This therapy comes with a package of skills that are essential in life. Skills such as mindfulness can help you improve your wellbeing and how you respond to aspects of your life.

Also, interpersonal effectiveness skills can change the way you interact with other people at work, school, and other social circles. Hence, DBT provides an array of skills that boost your health and wellbeing.

Boosts your quality of life

Everyone loves a quality life. You desire to have peaceful relationships and good health. Unfortunately, you do not have control over what happens in your life. Some incidents will occur and affect your wellbeing. You’ll likely experience mental challenges and be unable to cope with some of these occurrences. Sometimes, you will need a therapist to help you accept them and move on with life.

DBT is one of the therapies that a therapist will consider for your situation. This approach focus on enabling you to accept and change. So, it seeks to help you get back in the right direction. With this notion, it improves your quality of life that the intense emotion or depression hurt.

Enhances the motivation to change

Change is not an easy process. Like other people, your mind will resist change making you live a regrettable life. Dialectical behavior therapy works on promoting behavioral change. All the skills you learn work on giving you a reason why you need to change. Hence, the concept of accepting and change DBT motivates you to change.

Improve self-awareness and problem-solving

Some mental conditions such as depression hurt your self-esteem. Your feel worthless which affects your ability to solve simple problems. Also, you start to get tough on yourself by criticizing, blaming, and seeing the negatives in your life.

DBT works to help you cope with these issues. Through it, you learn to accept your current state and work on changing your life and thinking. This way, you improve your self-awareness and get problem-solving skills.

Wrapping Up

In a word, dialectical behavior therapy is the perfect option for you if other behavioral therapies failed. The technique provides you with skills to cope with intensive emotional conditions and distress. In particular, it is a choice for you if you are struggling with a personality disorder, depression, or suicidal thoughts. Through it, you can learn skills that will impact your entire life beyond the mental health conditions.

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