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4 Devices You Can Use for a Penile Extension

You probably have heard the term penile extensions several times when looking out for something that can help you extend the length of your penis in the desired way. Having a relatively reduced size penis can be a major cause of stress for you if you’re suffering severely in your sex life due to this problem. A bigger penis not only helps you spruce up your sex life but also is a major plus point for you to get rid of all kinds of irritation and perform ejection, penetration, and other functions effectively.

Besides the well-known techniques like surgery, exercises, and other ways that might not be enough safe for you, it’s high time to seek the answer Do penile traction devices really work? They help you when you need a quick, convenient and safe penile extension. 

For greater sexual satisfaction, having the right penis size can play a major role in satisfying your partner's desires and having a pleasurable sex experience. Therefore, here we have listed down 5 devices that you can use for penile extension without much effort and spending your precious bucks in surgeries. 

Jes extender

1. Jes extender:

You would be surprised to know that there is a penile extension device that corrects your curvature, improve your erectile function and grow your shaft in just a matter of few weeks. Plus, it promises you a prominent increase in length up to 24% and by up to 19% in girth by its exceptional traction technology.

Ease of use: for initial use, take a trial of wearing it for one hour per day to see if it’s comfortable. Then, you can further increase the hours as per your convenience and see the results in 4 months' use.

2. Male edge:

This is known to be the most comfortable penile extender device if you want to grow your shaft in a short period within a span of few months. there are very few comparatively useless penile extenders devices available in the market that offers shaft growth. But male edge claims to get seamless shaft growth, enlarged grith, and thicker penis easily. 

Ease of use: since this device requires a longer hour of wearing to get you the desired result; therefore, try to accommodate the product gently to get your penile tissues stretched. 

3. Quick extender pro:

This is one of the best tried and tested penile extenders today present in the market. Its DSS (double strap system) makes it unique among all other devices. Through the DSS, this penile extender monitors the penis length and ensure the presence of sufficient elasticity in it. Moreover, offering you a decent time in bed takes enough control of tension and reduces the chances of slippage.

Ease of use: give proper attention while adjusting it with your penis so that the tension can easily be applied to the shaft.

4. Size genetics:

To enlighten you, the size genetics penile extension device is an FDA approved medically recommended device to help you achieve the right penis size, fixed penile curvature, better erection with its quality and effective working procedure. Being the best lightweight penile extender, it can easily be worn and carried for prolonged periods.

Ease of use: use it 6 to 12 hours daily and 5 times a week for improved results.

All the above-mentioned penile extenders are incredible unless they don’t cause you irritation and abrasion down there. In that case, approach your doctor for help and stop using the device instantly.

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