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Develop Mindfulness

Okay, lets quickly do a little experiment! take your right hand and quickly raise it in the air, super easy hey? Okay let's try another one, this time I want you to stop all thoughts you’re currently having, it may be what you’re having for dinner tonight, maybe you’re thinking about what you need to do for work? Or perhaps you’re actually fully entrenched in this article right now! No matter what it is I want you to stop all these thoughts and have your mind completely silent, 1, 2, 3...GO. A lot harder huh? Why is it that we can easily move our hand but the mind we have no control over? This simple practice highlights the importance of meditation.

Ensuring you have complete control of your mind is extremely important for developing success in any area of your life. While the ancient practice of meditation is and always will be the most effective way to gain control of your mind, today we will be discussing 3 simple practices you can incorporate that help trigger a meditative state, whilst also training the mind to enter a state of calmness.

Cooking & Baking

When we cook we get back to some of our most primitive forms, much like grounding in the earth when we place our hand through natural foods we can feel a connection! Everyone loves eating and for some of us, the cooking experience is the best part. that is why baking and cooking food is a great way to become present to the moment and get your mind use to being in a state of pure focus. Try this exercise, as you bake or cook use all of your senses, hyper-focus on them, each touch think about the texture of the ingredients, the smells and brightness and diversity of colours. When you do this, you are training the mind to be focused on the moment, making us sharper and more engaged. Imagine this when doing sales pitches or a presentation!?


The next practice we are going to suggest is another ancient practice which was made famous by holy men of India hundreds of years ago. This is acupressure, but we are actually going to put a spin on things here and recommend the ancient bed of nails! now, I know what you’re thinking and we are here to say take a deep breath and release. In 2020 we actually have a modern day bed of nails and this is the acupressure mat. This modern-day health care tool is a coconut fibre pad with over 5000 lotus-shaped pressure points spread across. The pressure points act exactly like acupressure and stimulate the different pressure points across the internal body. When these points are activated it causes blood flow and produces happy hormones while also releasing muscle tension. This process also gives you a meditative state while you lay on the acupressure mat. When you get your acupressure mat we first recommend wearing a shirt as the pressure points will give your skin a warm rash like sensation, this will pass and leave you an in a mindful state. Use your acupressure mat daily for 10 minutes a day, within a few weeks you will have more energy, better quality of sleep, decrease in back, neck and shoulder pain and overall give you more control over your own mind.

Snorkelling & Diving 

Have you ever gone scuba diving? or maybe just snorkelling? Now, this next practice isn't something you can do everyday but during the summertime is a fun exercise which will help with focus, mindfulness and your overall mind control. When you go snorkelling you will find yourself immersed in an alien world that seems so silent and still, it's within here you will find inner peace. When swimming with a full face snorkel mask you will be so deep in this foreign world that no thoughts will appear in your head, it is here that you will gain the experience of a zen state. During the summer months practice this twice a week, you will find yourself happier, relaxed and overall in a more mindful state of mind all thanks to nature.

Incorporate these above practices and you will over time develop a more mindful state. Imagine stopping those little voices saying you can't do it or it won't work, this is the power mindfulness has! Take the time to train your brain and you will see results across all areas of your life.

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