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How to Detox Your Body from THC and Toxins

No matter how healthy we strive to be, and how cautious we are of our intakes, there is always the need for a detox. It is a necessary process that involves the total cleansing of the blood and the complete elimination of impurities from the system. Not only does detoxification get rid of tiredness and fatigue, but it betters your immune system, and restores your energy levels.

The need to detox your body from THC and Toxin arises from the intake of substances that contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a major component of cannabis. Toxins may also arise from consumption of cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana.

When people go through the process of detoxification, they elevate their body’s optimal condition, lose weight, get rid of dead cells and fatigue, increase energy levels, and boost their immune system. The process of detoxification is endless; there are multiple ways to detox and get rid of toxins in the human body.


According to research, over 158 million people in the world smoke marijuana, which totals to 3.85% of the world population. These stoners smoke weed for various reasons such as entertainment, enjoyment, to suppress drugs previously used, to ease boredom, suppress anger or frustrations, and a lot more.

Unknown to various people are the major components found in cannabis, which include THC and toxins. THC is the component responsible for the excitement and euphoria you feel when you smoke; which makes you feel high. This component is also found in oil, capsules, edibles, and more, but they are quite minimal compared to the quantity found in Cannabis.

The need to detox comes around when you experience memory loss, coordinated problems, and more, which are effects of the intake of THC found in marijuana.Weed also contains a reasonable amount of high-level toxins. When you smoke, the residue of these toxins settles in your system, which later leads to uncomfortable feelings such as fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, persistent headaches and more. These are signs that your body needs a detox.

You’d be surprised by how long weed stays in your system. Marijuana is detectable months after its intake and could take a long time to flush it out as a result of the chemical remnants residing in the body fat.

Furthermore, there is a need to detox yourself from THC and toxins if you’ll be taking a drug test anytime soon. Drug tests are sometimes mandatory for some jobs. In situations like this, the best tips include the use of niacin detox pill and abstinence from marijuana. Read on to find out how to detox your body from THC and toxins.

Method of Detoxification

There are several ways to detox the body from THC and toxins. Certain people permit their bodies to take over and naturally detox through the consumption of enough fluids or water in most cases and sleep. This method often takes time and requires strength and endurance. However, some other methods can hasten the process of detoxification and also produce similar and better results. The following are some of the best ways to achieve effective detoxification from THC and toxins:

1. Go Organic

‘Organic’ can’t go wrong! At the mention of the word ‘organic’, most people immediately conclude that they have to take a sour green concoction, which is entirely false. Organics are foods grown on soil. They include fruits and vegetable, which contain micronutrients that help in the fight against THC. Moreover, when you eat healthily, you help to quicken the removal of THC from your system.

Examples of healthy detox fruits to concentrate on include grapefruit, garlic, lemon, broccoli sprouts, and more. These fruits contain antioxidants that trigger detoxifying enzymes that burn fat in the system. For healthy juices, try to focus on lemon water, green tea, coffee, cranberry juice, and charcoal drinks. These juices indirectly help to burn fat caused by THC.

Also, remember to take lots of fluids—you end up passing out all waste liquids in your system through urine. However, if you continue to smoke weed while detoxifying, there is zero chance that the detoxification will work.

2. Exercise

You don’t need anyone to remind you again that exercise is essential for your wellbeing. Sweating it out in the gym or on the tracks can help to burn fats accumulated from THC. Doing regular exercise is a simple, all-round, and efficient way of detoxifying. Challenge yourself in the gym, at home, or on the tracks by engaging in cardiovascular activities such as running, jogging, and jumping. These activities help in the production of sweat.


Also, research has shown that people can eliminate a little amount of THC via sweat. Therefore, if you have a week before a drug test, try going out for an exercise. Bear in mind that, if you exercise, you’ll get tired and will require drinking fluids. However, try to stick to water only, no sodas!

3. Detox Shampoo

Over the years, people have raised a lot of questions about the existence and efficacy of detox shampoo. Of course, detox shampoo does exist. How does a detox shampoo work? Detox shampoo is used when you have to pass a hair follicle drug test. If you have consumed THC earlier and you are required to undergo a hair follicle test, you cannot drink fluids or exercise to sweat out the THC from your hair. The solution here is to get the best hair follicle detox shampoo. The shampoo helps to get rid of THC residue in the hair. The detoxifying effect of detox shampoo lasts up to eight hours. Therefore, you don’t need to panic if you’re required to undergo the hair follicle test more than once.


THC and toxins are chemical remnants that accumulate in the human body, especially as a result of marijuana consumption. These remnants are stored in your body fat, and they have negative effects on the body. More importantly, they need to be flushed out regularly. The tips discussed above will help you to achieve effective detoxification from THC and toxins.

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