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Depression and Mood, Checking Our Degree of Affectation

Mental health

Depression is a psychological disorder that invades the lives of those who suffer from it. There are more and more cases of people who suffer from it and who do not receive any treatment for its solution. In this case you can use an online test such as

If you feel some type of depression or low mood, as an example we present below a series of questions to which you can answer and, after its evaluation, you will be able to get an idea of what degree of sadness invades you and, therefore, the need for some kind of support to solve that problem.

Depression Test

1. As a general rule, I think about my state of mind:

  • That this sadness causes me real suffering, disabling me for any aspect of my life
  • I feel somewhat sad and depressed on a frequent basis
  • I don't feel sad normally

2. I usually face the future thinking:

  • That I do not expect anything good from life and that nothing good is yet to come
  • I feel somewhat discouraged when I think about the future
  • I am not especially pessimistic, nor do I think that things are going to go wrong for me

3. Regarding the failures in my life, I think that:

  • I have had more failures than most people, nothing has gone right for me
  • I feel that I have done few worthwhile things and often this idea makes me sad
  • I do not consider myself a failure, I think I have also achieved successes

4. Regarding life in general, I feel that:

  • Nothing fills me anymore, I'm fed up with everyone, people, things, etc.
  • I am not particularly dissatisfied, sometimes I am disappointed but not always
  • I feel good in general

5. Regarding guilt:

  • Sometimes I feel despicable and a bad person
  • Sometimes I feel guilty
  • I don't feel guilty at all

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