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Dentistry is Not Expensive, Neglect Is

Virtually every dental professional is eager to express the importance of patients consistently participating in routine appointments, and for good reason. While the standard set for semiannual checkups is perhaps the greatest boon to ensure an attractive and well-functioning smile, it may come as a surprise to realize it’s significance in saving money!

Even though visiting a dentist is synonymous with reaching for a wallet, either physically or allegorically through insurance policies, regular visits actually have a proven tendency to save patients significant money in the long run.


Let’s further discuss the importance of regular appointments; as their participation may cost something in the present, they undeniably set you up for success both financially and physically in the years ahead!

The Importance of Regular Visits

As a general rule, a patient is required to visit their trusted dental office semiannually for a routine checkup and cleaning. Keep in mind this is a standard, every unique smile requires its own specific demands to ensure its wellbeing- meaning many patients with particular conditions or complications may be instructed to visit more frequently.

Routine checkups, alongside a patient’s personal oral care habits, are the key factors which determine the state of every smile.

During a routine appointment, a dental professional is able to gain an in-depth look into the patient’s entire oral anatomy. Beyond a deep cleaning which outperforms anything capable through homebound measures, a professionally trained eye performs an in-depth analysis of a patient’s smile, using advanced technology and professional examination methods to accurately spot any complications which already exist or are in early development.

Meaning dentists can diagnose and treat situations in the present before the damage has the opportunity to escalate, such as;

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum Disease
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Sensitivity
  • Enamel erosion
  • Oral infection
  • Gum recession
  • And much, much more

The Power of Prevention

These crucial appointments pose a cost factor which every patient must take into consideration. In the ideal situation, patients will have insurance provided to them through their occupation which covers all or most of the price tag of standard dental care. However, many patients face a different reality, one where they cannot claim access to a job which provides this benefit, or may be required to pay the remaining price of a procedure not granted full coverage.

While the picture painted above is a common reality, it’s fundamental to understand that the impact of a healthy smile is identical to the rest of the body’s well-being. A smile is not only an aesthetic feature, a healthy oral anatomy dictates a patient’s ability to chew and breakdown food, speak and communicate with peers, and so much more.

Forking up the cost to inquire about a toothache with a dentist today will pale in comparison to the inevitable higher price that tooth pain will cost a month from now. As such a symptom could be a result of a plethora of potential complications, and no matter the culprit, it will continue to worsen. Leading to a larger toll on both the patient’s wellbeing and wallet if left unchecked. No matter the attempts of avoidance, reality will inevitably catch up! Leaving patients and professionals alike dealing with the costly ramifications.

Keeping a Keen Eye

Ensuring a healthy smile will cost something, but avoiding the smile’s health will undeniably be pricier! To best avoid any substantial costs, be sure to contact a trustworthy dental professional the minute you notice any complication arise. To best avoid any issues in general, be sure to always participate in routine checkups and practice proper oral care habits!

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