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Why You Should Have a Dental Visit Twice a Year

Dental Visit

Be honest: when's the last time you've had a dental checkup? If you're like most Americans, it might have been a while.

While 85% of Americans> understand that their oral health is important, only 68% of people visit the dentist as often as they would like. Likewise, only a quarter of people are happy with the current state of their teeth and mouth.

Going to the dentist the recommended two times a year might not be fun, but it's necessary. There are a ton of benefits that you get out of each and every dental visit.

So why is it so important?

Keep reading to learn why you need to see your dentist as soon as possible if you can't remember the last time you've been.

Teeth Cleaning

If you brush your teeth twice a day, you might be wondering why you have to go to the dentist. After all, isn't that good enough?

The truth is that it's not.

Most people don't brush their teeth as effectively as they should. Over time, plaque builds up and forms tartar. This then attaches to your teeth and can cause gum disease, cavities, and other issues.

Each time you go to the dentist, they'll give you a professional cleaning. This will remove all of the plaque from your teeth, ensuring that you don't develop cavities or other issues. Need a recommendation? You can polish your teeth with the Dentist in Las Vegas.

Protection Against Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is similar to cavities in that it's hard to detect early on.

If you develop gum disease, your gums will begin to erode, causing infection and pain around your gums and teeth. As it can also affect the bones that hold your teeth, gum disease can lead to other serious health complications.

Regular trips to the dentist prevent gum disease and other subsequent problems from developing in the first place.

Screening for Deeper Problems

Aside from problems that cause pain, dentists also have tools that can detect deeper problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

X-rays can identify everything from bone decay to tumors and blocked teeth. All of these conditions are issues that you would never be able to see just by looking in a mirror.

As is the case with most dental problems, the majority of these issues get worse if you don't take care of them.

Identifying Signs of Oral Cancer

Like all forms of cancer, oral cancer can be life-threatening. Luckily, it's also one of the easiest forms of cancer to detect—if you go to the dentist early on and they spot it.

If your dentist doesn't spot signs of oral cancer with their eyes, they can use a special light that works to detect damage caused by cancer tumors. They then take a sample of the affected area and send it off for inspection.

Saving You Money

Many people put off going to the dentist because they're afraid that it will be expensive. The truth is that avoiding the dentist will ultimately cost you more money.

When you put off going, you increase your risk of developing dental problems. Unlike a general cleaning and checkup, these procedures can be expensive (and sometimes uncomfortable!).

You'll end up spending much more than you otherwise would have to fix the problems that develop. Save yourself the money and trouble of needing fillings, root canals, and extractions by going to the dentist regularly.

How to Take Care of Your Teeth at Home

Aside from visiting the dentist regularly, you'll also want to make sure that your at-home oral hygiene regimen is solid. If it's not, you'll find your bi-annual general dentistry visits to be much less fun than they otherwise would be.

Here are three things you can do to impress your dentist and have great oral health 365 days a year.

Brush Your Teeth

Most people know to brush their teeth, but most people also don't do it as effectively as they should. You should brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Ensure that you brush each and every one of your teeth.

Electric toothbrushes are much more effective than traditional manual ones. Consider upgrading, if you haven't already.


Flossing is something that most people know that they should be doing, but for one reason or another, don't get around to doing it.

Flossing helps to remove food particles caught in between your teeth. When used in conjunction with a toothbrush, flossing is an effective way to give your teeth a solid cleaning.

Although it might seem strange, most dentists recommend flossing before you brush. This loosens up particles that your toothbrush can then remove.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

Do you have a sweet tooth? How about a passion for red wine or coffee?

While delicious, many of the foods and drinks that we consume can impact the quality of our teeth. Some, like red wine and coffee, can cause stains that mar tooth color. Others, like sugar, can cause your teeth to decay.

Try your best to limit your intake of these sorts of foods and drinks.

Promote Your Oral Health With a Dental Visit

It's easy to put off going to the dentist, especially if you lead a hectic life. But as this guide explains, there are so many benefits to seeing the dentist twice a year.

If you're due for an appointment, make sure to schedule a dental visit as soon as possible. You'll thank yourself later!

Do you now have a better understanding of why it's so important to see your dentist? Before you go and book an appointment, check out some of our other posts for more helpful guides and tips.

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