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Are Dental Veneers Included in the
Child Dental Benefits Schedule Program?

Looking after your child's oral health can be a full-time profession. They may spend the day familiarising themselves with different objects in their environment, which more or less may lead them to become injured. While controlling their everyday activities is nearly impossible, you can instead take precautions to maintain their teeth well.

Residents of Australia can use the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CBDS) program to ensure that their children's oral health remains in good shape. But, as we learn more about this program, it is essential that we also know which services are available to get and which are non-available within the program.

What is the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule offers dental treatments for children aged between 2-17. The range of services provided in this program includes dental examination, dental x-rays, tooth cleaning, dental filling, teeth bonding, tooth extraction and root canal treatment.

The eligible children can get all the services up to a benefit cap of $1,000 for up to two calendar years. Meaning, they can get any of the previously mentioned services amounting to the stated sum from a verified dentist centre that recognises and accepts the CBDS program.

While that is wonderful, one cannot use the CBDS program to get orthodontic or cosmetic dental treatments. Thus, any of the dental veneers Sydney procedures will not be covered under the CBDS program.

Options for Dental Veneers Sydney Treatments

Although the CBDS program does not offer dental veneer treatment, there are other ways by which one can get it. You can simply visit a dentist and ask for it in exchange for money out of your pocket. However, it can cost you significantly more because dental veneers are pricier unless you choose to get affordable composite resin veneers.

It is still possible to correct your dental problems of obtaining the dental veneers Sydney treatments by using any of the following relevant options:

  • Broken Or Chipped Tooth
    When a person has a partially broken tooth, it is ideal for getting them dental veneers. Still, for a child, it can be dangerous even though the procedure is non-invasive. This is because children’s teeth fall during their early childhood and adolescence, which then grow back in time.

    Providing them dental veneers in such cases can damage their gums, and to prevent this, you can get dental bonding or teeth filling to protect their teeth. Both dental procedures also help fill up any cavities that may be ardently present due to tooth decay and other reasons.

  • Misaligned Teeth
    The same reason that a child shouldn't get dental veneers and instead seek dental filling to protect their teeth also applies to misaligned teeth. It is possible to fix misaligned teeth with braces. Still, since cosmetic dentistry treatments aren't offered under the CBDS, you can get the tooth extraction treatment if the misaligned or gapped teeth causes them significant pain.
  • Teeth Cleaning
    Whiter teeth may be desirable, but their treatment can erode the healthy enamel present on the teeth of your children. Therefore, teeth cleaning can prove to be more beneficial than getting teeth whitening services for your child.

Final Words

Besides these optional treatment options against the dental veneers Sydney procedures, you can seek further treatments from a recognised dentist to protect your child's teeth. Lastly, always get any dental treatments from an experienced dentist only to get the best results.

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