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Dental Solutions to Conquer Anxiety and Fear of Dentists

Many people experience anxiety about visiting the dentist, yet regular dental visits are important for adults and children alike. Without frequent check-ups, it can be hard to detect problems like gum disease and tooth decay early, necessitating more invasive procedures that could be uncomfortable or cause further pain. Here are solutions to overcome anxiety related to visiting your dentist:

Dental anxiety has many causes, with one major one being childhood traumas such as having painful root canal procedures or tooth extractions that haunt an adult throughout their lives. Even hearing of other people's negative dental experiences or viewing dental procedures depicted on TV or movies may increase anxiety during visits.

At times, anxiety may provoke the fight or flight response - an instinctual human response to perceived threats - which makes sitting in the dental chair particularly challenging for people suffering from dental anxiety. Luckily, there are various strategies available for dealing with anxiety in Markham including self-calming techniques and sedation dentistry treatments that may help manage this fearful state. Sedation dentistry in Markham is known to be highly effective in helping to relax anxious patients and provide much needed relief from an otherwise traumatic experience.

Self-calming techniques are an excellent way to ease anxiety at a dental appointment. Deep breaths, visualizing relaxing images or guided imagery all offer ways to soothe both body and mind during this type of appointment. One such practice includes visualizing yourself relaxing somewhere like the beach or forest during an appointment - another technique may include holding onto stress balls, fidget spinners or music as form of distraction during these appointments.

Attending dental appointments with someone can be invaluable in terms of easing anxiety. Finding someone who doesn't fear dentists and can provide support can be immensely helpful, particularly if they can give a pep talk that will encourage you through your appointment. You could also try meditation, hypnosis or alternative therapies as ways of soothing nerves before heading in for an appointment.

Sedation dentistry can be an invaluable solution for patients suffering from extreme dental anxiety and fear, or who need an extended dental visit due to discomfort. A combination of oral sedatives and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is typically employed to ease anxiety, ease discomfort and help patients relax during dental treatments. Get in touch with us now in Markham to learn more about sedation dentistry!

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