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Dental Care in Ukraine

In recent years, the development of dentistry in Ukraine allows you to get quality medical care without going abroad. Leading dentists of the country implement in their practice European methods of treatment and diagnostics of oral diseases, successfully exchange experience and constantly raise their professional level by participating in international dental conferences and trainings.

Laser technologies in dentistry

Ukraine is a country where dentistry meets high standards, and prices are democratic for any patient.

Progressive Ukrainian dental clinics apply innovative diagnostic technologies and use modern and safe structural materials for dental restoration. High-quality prosthetic systems comply with European standards.

According to statistical research, the most frequent reasons for visit to a dentist are problems in the sphere of:

  • Periodontology (treatment of diseases of the periodental tissues);
  • Prosthetics and dental implants;
  • Dental surgery;
  • Orthopedic anomalies of jaw apparatus (bite correction, bracket system placement);
  • Aesthetic dentistry.

Symptoms that require a consultation with a dentist

Because problems with the mouth, teeth or gums often involve a reduction in quality of life, any discomfort associated with this location requires a consultation with a specialist.

A visit to the dentist is necessary when:

  • The appearance of toothache;
  • Increased sensitivity of the gums to temperature or taste stimuli;
  • Trauma to the jaw apparatus;
  • Loss or instability of the tooth in the socket;
  • Bleeding from the gums;
  • Swelling of the gums, swelling or discharge of pus
  • Patches of pigmentation on the tooth enamel, discoloration of the tooth, or change in the shape of the tooth;
  • Disproportionality of the lower or upper jaw, and misalignment of teeth.

Innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment

Dentistry in Ukraine attaches great importance to the diagnosis of disease, which subsequently allows choosing the correct and optimal treatment tactics.

The best program of examination of a patient with dental problems should include:

  • general dental examination;
  • X-ray examination of the teeth;
  • orthopantomogram - a panoramic image of the teeth;
  • intraoral camera - a microscopic intraoral camera allows the dentist to view hard-to-reach areas, with tenfold magnification of the image, monitor the surgical procedure and even visualize the dental canal;
  • dental microscopy - makes it possible to detect minimal defects in the organ, examine microscopic canals of the tooth and fill them.
  • electrometry - in order to diagnose soft tissue pathology.
Laser technologies in dentistry

Dentistry in Ukraine is represented by modern methods of treatment:

  1. Prosthetics - carried out for the purpose of complete tooth replacement or its partial restoration, if a small part of the organ is damaged.
  2. Implantation - a technique of placing an implant (a titanium rod coated with titanium plasma spraying) into the bone part of the jaw, on the outside of which a crown is fixed.
  3. The laser technique is used for surgical interventions without anesthesia, as well as for the treatment of therapeutic dental diseases. Inflammatory processes in the pulp are eliminated with laser, as it has unique disinfecting and regenerative properties.
  4. Ultrasonic treatment is not only used for plaque or calculus removal. Innovative technology is also used in surgical dentistry to treat problems related to wisdom teeth, teeth that are misaligned or misaligned in the row.
  5. The use of modern materials - dentists are increasingly using zirconium dioxide, nylon, soft acrylic plastic, and polyurethane in orthopedic practice. This made it possible to put into practice prosthetics without trimming the neighboring teeth.

Development of new composite materials and ceramics makes it possible to make veneers and perform direct restorations, restoring not only functional ability of a tooth, but also restoring its aesthetic characteristics.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Ukraine for dental treatment is increasing year by year. Our country surpasses its European counterparts in many categories and provides excellent service for overseas guests. UAMEDTOURS provides transfer services, flight arrangements, hospital accompaniment and hotel accommodation for foreign tourists. Treatment and stay in Ukraine with UAMEDTOURS will leave you only the best memories.

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