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Important Things to Know Before You
Get Dental Braces

Getting braces is a very serious decision. Keeping medical requirements aside, braces can severely impact your looks; however, having crooked teeth is much worse. This is not just an individual decision but also a financial one, but at the end of the road, its worth it. Beyond attraction, straight teeth are less prone to problems like decay and aches. So, if you have decided to get the braces, the first and foremost things you should do is to understand how does it work. Even though it's quite simple, you will need to prepare yourself for it.

It's not just for the smile:

Having crooked teeth is a health issue, and even though it may affect your looks, the problem is much bigger than that. Your desire for straight teeth is obvious, but there needs to be understood that getting braces will also help your teeth, bite, and jaw alignment issues. This is done to improve oral health and also your smile. And if you don't like how visible braces look, invisalign treatments can be an option for you to consider instead.

Dental braces


There is no specification on who requires braces and who doesn't. It all boils down to your oral health. There are children as young as six getting braces. However, when it comes to adults, they tend to overlook the urgency of the matter and take it for granted, but in recent years, there has been an increase in the awareness of oral health and more adults have come forward to get the braces.


The cost of braces depends on a lot of things, and you can get an idea of the costs on The first thing to consider is the severity of your teeth, the economy of your place. The price can vary from place to place. Generally, the misalignment of your teeth determines the price of your braces. More damage implies more check-up and complex treatment. To cut on the costs and make braces affordable, you can get in touch with your dental insurance. They shall be able to cover all of your orthodontic expenses. Likewise, the Brace options also depend on the health of your teeth.


Before you go into braces, there is the dental treatment that needs to be done with your teeth. You will have to attend to your teeth and have the wisdom teeth removed so that there is no interference. You will still need to visit a reputable dental clinic like Southcentre dental in Calgary for your orthodontic treatment to go smoothly. They work hand-in-glove to improve your oral health. There can be some places where flossing is impossible, so your dentist will help you with that and keep your teeth healthy.

Dental braces

Do they hurt?

Patients may feel a little bit of pain in the beginning, but this will wear off eventually. The pain is mild but occurs due to the tightening of the wire that contracts your jaw. This pain is felt during the initial days of the procedure, but you can completely manage it like you handle a small headache. Stinging is another type of pain that irritates the patient, but all this is mild and can be dealt with Ice and Brace Gel. 

Dietary changes:

When you get the braces, there is a need to change your dietary habits. The paramount thing to understand is that your jaw will work differently now. Cleaning is a must, and a strict diet has to be maintained. For the first days, you are to stick with soft foods, but as the pain starts to fade, you can make the way, but there are foods like nuts, hard candy, crunchier chips, gum, or Beef jerky that should be avoided. If you wish to eat foods like Apple or even con, you will need to cut them into small pieces. 

How long you have to wear braces:

Your orthodontist will tell you how long you will require to wear them, but this is just an estimate, and it will depend upon the reaction of your teeth to the braces. The more misalignments you have, the longer you will have to wear them. Normally, teenagers and children need to wear braces for two years. 


Before you get braces, you will need to visit your dentist to get the dental work done on your teeth. The dentist and orthodontist work for hand in glove as far as your oral health is concerned, and even after you get your braces, you will require to visit your dentist for a regular check-up.

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