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Dennis Begos Puts Forth the
Common Types of Mental Illness

Physical health and illnesses have always attracted widespread attention. But now, people are waking up to the need to preserve and protect mental health also, realizing its importance in overall fitness, social relationships, and productivity. When a person suffers from abnormal thinking, behavior, or feeling, it can hint at a mental disorder or illness. Common mental conditions include depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, and behavioral challenges. Usually, the cause of a mental issue tends to be a group of multiple factors, such as genes, psychology, and environment. Due to the lack of definitive tests for mental conditions, doctors usually depend on patient's medical, mental, and family health details for diagnosis.

Dennis Begos explores prevalent mental disorders

Of the various mental illnesses, anxiety is quite familiar to people. Panic, phobias, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder are some forms of anxiety disorders. When you worry to the extent where your functional abilities get hampered, you can call it a type of anxiety disorder. Let's understand the different types of anxiety disorders.


Excess fear of a situation or thing can be a phobia. Someone can feel scared of heights, spiders, or anything. Fear of heights is acrophobia, and fear of spiders is arachnophobia, etc.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

As per studies, this disorder affects nearly 10% of people. When you worry too much about your life regarding family, future, and money, you can describe this condition as GAD.

Panic attacks

Becoming immobile due to sudden and severe bouts of excessive anxiety is nothing but panic disorder. In this condition, the patient can experience rapid heartbeats, short breaths, troubled thinking, upset stomach, etc. The person facing this type of mental illness can worry about having a heart attack or another panic attack.

Tackling mental health issues

Anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders are pretty rampant among people across various age groups. In these conditions, doctors recommend psychotherapy or talk therapy. Dennis Begos says this type of care can help people function at their best. Other than that, you would also hear about interpersonal therapy, cognitive therapy, family-based therapy, psycho-education, etc. Sometimes, patients may also have to take medications if they show severe symptoms and don't respond well to psychotherapies.

Since mental illness makes you vulnerable at many levels, seeking the right treatment and therapy can be crucial. So, if you or someone dear in your family has any such issue, you must make an appointment with a suitable doctor and begin the process. Like physical health, you can improve your mental health faster if you get proper attention on time. But mental health is far more complicated. Sometimes you may not realize that someone is ill and sideline them. That's why it becomes even more critical to understand how your mental well-being can get affected or suffer. If you have awareness, you can take timely measures and expect improvement in your condition.

With this, another thing that is crucial to consider is lifestyle choices. While you may not do much about hectic work schedules, you need to take care of your diet, sleep, and physical activity. Pay attention to these areas, as these also play a significant role in your wellness.

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