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Debunking 10 Myths About Cannabis

Compared to other drugs, cannabis has faced the most stigmatization. Mostly, this happens when people are misinformed and use or view cannabis in the wrong way. There is a lot of debate about cannabis legalization, with countries and states continuing to legalize it. Unfortunately, some people view cannabis as a drug that makes people lazy and commits terrible acts like theft and murder. This mislabeling has given birth to many myths that people believe without the actual facts. This article will dive deeper into what cannabis actually is, what it does, and things you should not believe at all. It will elaborate on these things by clarifying some popular myths that most people believe.

  1. Weed is Weaker than Before

According to studies, the concentration of cannabis is higher than it used to be before. The interbreeding and various experiments by plant biology experts have introduced better and stronger strains. However, you should know that dose is different from potency. Unlike when you had to smoke a lot of weed to get high, today, you only need less to get high. Scientists have been able to sample different strains to understand how they work and why some have high potency than others.

  1. All Strains Produce the Same High

Many people only know two strains of cannabis: Indica and Sativa. You will even find hybrids in dispensaries that claim to combine both strains. People use cannabis in different ways. If you visit Bay Smokes, you will realize there are different cannabis products, each with a different way of consuming them. Furthermore, people process THC in different ways. What makes someone chill may make another buzzy. A certain strain may make you sleepy, while another may make you active. Therefore, strains do not produce the same high.

  1. Munchies Are not Real

Some people believe that munchies are not real. However, if you have tried several strains of cannabis, you might realize one made you hungry. Different strains have different effects on the body. Cannabis causes hunger by influencing your hypothalamus, the area of the brain responsible for how you feel. Therefore, the high urge to eat comes from a reaction in the brain that affects your nervous system. Knowing different types of cannabis products and how to use them is important. For example, how you consume edibles differs from how you should smoke cannabis.

  1. You Cannot Get Addicted to Weed

Cannabis is very addictive, and a whopping 30% of cannabis users may be addicted. The addiction aspect is related to the THC in cannabis. People who stop using cannabis may experience symptoms like restlessness, cravings, irritability, reduced appetite, etc. therefore, understand what causes addiction and try to avoid it.

  1. You Cannot Overdose on Cannabis

You can overdose on cannabis, but it cannot kill you. Overdosing means you have taken more than the recommended amount of the product. So, you may have some symptoms of a cannabis overdose, like dizziness, paranoia, anxiety and rapid heart rate, loss of coordination, hallucination, headache, and spiking blood pressure. Many people overdose when they don’t know the right amount to take or when combining it with other substances. Therefore, if you are taking cannabis in different forms, know the right dosage.

  1. Smoking is the Only Way of Using Cannabis

This is just a myth. There are many ways of consuming weed. Such include smoking, edibles, vaping, oiling, spraying, etc., so manufacturers make different products based on how to consume them. Therefore, you can choose what suits you best. An important point you should, however, remember is that each form comes with a different dosage. Therefore, you ought to be careful with how you take cannabis. You can go for THCv carts made from high-quality and sturdy materials.

  1. Using Cannabis Makes You a Criminal

This is a prevailing myth that many people believe about cannabis. Most people who smoke cannabis are criminals who indulge in bad behavior and even kill. The only way you can be a criminal when using weed is if you are using it in an illegal place. Not all criminals use cannabis, and not all people who use cannabis are criminals. In fact, being a criminal has nothing to do with smoking or using cannabis in any other way.

  1. It Is Possible to Cheat a Urine Test

This is not true. If you have used cannabis before, it will show in the urine test. You may find online products that claim to flush out drugs in the system. However, these products don’t work. You can only cheat in a urine test using someone else’s urine. If you have been using weed multiple times daily, it will remain detectable in your urine for the next 30 days.

  1. It Is Safer to Use Alcohol Than Cannabis

This is another common myth that a lot of people believe. Actually, people who take cannabis are judged more than those who take alcohol. However, alcohol is not safer than cannabis. It contains a chemical carcinogen, contributing to impairments, injuries, and even death. The only reason alcohol is widely accepted is because of the environment the industry has created to encourage alcohol consumption. Just because cannabis is not yet legal in some places does not mean it is worse than other drugs.

  1. Legalization Will Encourage More People to Use

There is this notion that legalizing cannabis will only encourage more people to use it. The truth is that anyone who wants to use cannabis can access it in any way. Therefore, legalization may not change a person’s decision. Furthermore, many youths are reportedly already using cannabis, and the number continues to increase. Therefore, even after legalization, cannabis will remain illegal for people under 18 years. From the perspective of public health, prohibiting only increases harm. Therefore, legalization will make it safer to use cannabis. There will be open conversations and more education on how to use it.

Key Takeaways

These are ten popular myths surrounding cannabis. If you have come across something you always believed, we hope you have learned the fact behind it. Cannabis does not make you a criminal, nor is it riskier than other drugs. It all trickles down to being a responsible consumer and well-informed about cannabis.

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