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David Nicolas Albanese Files Cannabis Dispensary License Application for High Farma

Expanding Jobs and Opportunities in Oxnard, California

A company plans to file an application to receive a license to operate a cannabis dispensary in the City of Oxnard. The company, High Farma, would source jobs within the community while renting or buying commercial space in Oxnard. The dispensary would further complement the mission of Robert Sett and David Nicolas Albanese of High Farms, improving the economy of Oxnard and increasing opportunities for small business owners.

After submitting an application, a company must achieve a minimum score of 85 to proceed to the next round of interviews. Following the interviews, the city will issue eight licenses. Due to COVID-19 and the financial effects of the pandemic, the city may award 16 licenses, however.

David Nicolas Albanese, CEO of High Farms, wants to open a cannabis dispensary in Oxnard for several reasons. “Reinvesting in Oxnard is a chance for us to help fellow residents, and donate a portion of our sales to area nonprofits,” he says.

According to Robert Sett of High Farma:

“We live where we work, thanks to our long-standing devotion to the public and private organizations that make Oxnard so distinctive. A cannabis dispensary would beanother way for us to express our gratitude and loyalty to the people and institutions we serve. We want to expand opportunities throughout Oxnard.”

Albanese agrees with his colleague’s words (and works), based on his own involvement in Oxnard’s civic activities. A former candidate for city council, Albanese is an entrepreneur and expert on the cannabis industry. He is also a frequent commentator on business matters relating to Ventura County in general and Oxnard in particular.


With Sett, Albanese meets with local growers of cannabis about sound business practices such as compliance, product development, and customer service. As a small business owner himself, Albanese understands the role entrepreneurs play in Oxnard. “The character of Oxnard reflects the community of Oxnard. The two are inseparable, which is why we seek to sustain this bond,” he says.

High Farma would strengthen this bond, according to Sett, if High Farma were to earn a license to open a cannabis dispensary in Oxnard. Sett says, “Our knowledge of Oxnard is thorough. We respect and admire the diversity of our friends and neighbors in Oxnard. Adding to the morale of the city, by hiring residents of the city, is central to our vision for the city.”

Based on the achievements of High Farms in Oxnard, High Farma wants to emulate if not exceed this record of success. A cannabis dispensary would allow High Farma to do just that: to aid nonprofit groups, advance opportunities for existing small businesses, and maintain the traditions, customs, and inclusivity of Oxnard as a whole.

“Our purpose is straightforward. We want to enrich our city by thriving within our city, impressing consumers and inspiring the citizens of Oxnard. We owe our community more than we can express with words alone. The next step for us is to have our works speak more powerfully than our words, with High Farma hiring workers from Oxnard,” Albanese says.

Sett and Albanese look forward to accomplishing this milestone on behalf of High Farma. They continue to assist their community, whenever and however they can. This spirit of appreciation influences the operations of High Farma.

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