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Fantastic Dabbing Tips for First-Timers

Shatter is the most current form of a cannabis extract, and it is less than a decade old in the marijuana market. It is famed for its transparency and flawless amber glass. The best thing about shatter, which makes it more famed, is because it's the cleanest and the purest type of extract. The cheapest and quickest way to receive your order right where you are is to buy shatter online Canada. Besides, you will get the highest quality shatter for the value of the money you pay.

Dabbing is the most efficient way to inhale the shatter into your lungs, and it also guarantees instant, long-lasting results. Taking your first dab may appear very challenging and intimidating. However, with the best tips in hand, you can be sure to have a smooth first-time dab, which will make you fall in love with dabbing. Here are some fantastic guidelines for first-time dabbers.

Supplies used in dabbing

For you to understand the process very well, it is very crucial to familiarize yourself with the components of a dab. They are:

  • Dabber: It can either be metal, glass, or ceramic tool that is used to apply the dab.
  • Cannabis extract: Since they are many forms of the extract, the most commonly used ones are BHO, CO2, and other solvent-less extracts like rosin. Never dab with an alcohol-based component.
  • Nail: You must get a nail that perfectly fits the gauge of your water pipe. Titanium is the most common type that is used by many people.
  • Torch: Mostly, more giant propane-fueled torches are preferred because they can heat nails faster. Presently, there are dabbing methods that are flameless, though most people are not yet acquainted with them.
  • Dome: Usually, a dome is a glass hood that is placed around the nail. It is essential for trapping the vapor before anyone can inhale it. However, some nails don't require a dome.
  • Water pipe: Usually, the glass bowl pieces are removed and replaced with dabbing attachments, which make your pipe a dab rig.

The Dabbing Process

After setting up the rig and your dab is already on the dabber, you’re ready to go. It is recommendable that whenever dabbing, you should not be standing or walking around. Sitting down will calm down the effects of THC on you.

  1. Place your nail on the rig and turn on the torch. Ensure that the flame is direct on the nail to heat it until it gets hot.
  2. Turn off the torch and place your dome over the nail. You can use tongs to put the nail in water and allow it to cool.
  3. Now take your dabber and apply the shatter directly on the nail that is inside the dome. Slowly inhale as you rotate the dabber tip on the nail. Doing so prevents any wastage of oils that may be stuck to the dabber.
  4. Repeat the process until you soak in it sufficiently.


  • It is vital to observe an expert first before you start dabbing
  • Don’t overheat the nail and be careful not to burn the rig
  • For your first dab, use only a small amount of shatter
  • The nail and glass domes may become very hot. Therefore, handle them with care so as not to burn your hands.
  • Ensure that all your equipment and the nail are clean always

In conclusion, dabbing is fantastic when you get used to it. The online dispensary provides more tips on shatter dabbing as well as outstanding cannabis products.

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