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Cycling Handlebar Bag -
Transports Your Fitness Equipment

When looking for a cycling handlebar bag, it's important to look at all your options before making a purchase. If you ride daily, you will want a bag that allows you to carry more gear than if you just ride once every couple of months. The handlebar bag comes with a strap or clip which fits over your handlebars. It's designed so you can strap the whole thing to your bike, or hook it onto your seat or handlebars. Some even come with clips for easy mounting.

Features About The Cycling Handlebar Bag

Internal Straps: Most of the smaller cycle handlebar bags on this list come with internal straps that prevent the bag from falling off, and mounting structures that help the bag stay in place even if the bike is moving. This design from Craft Cadence makes them more stable than the large, open racks on the back of many bikes. Some are made with straps that go under the handlebar as well. But they are not as securely attached as the handlebar straps. With a large bike, this may be an option.

These larger cycling handlebar bags are designed with straps that go around the handlebars and along the top tube. 

There are two main types: bags with a single large pocket (which lets you store more gear), and luggage roll-style bags (which give you more room to store gear). Bags with a single large pocket tend to be a little bit more expensive than luggage roll-style bags. You can save money by going with the second choice, though. It's generally harder to find handles that go with the bag rather than with the frame. A frame bag generally just snaps together, while handlebars are detachable and can't be sold separately.

Extra Set Of Straps: Another feature that you'll find on many handlebar bags is an extra set of straps around the handlebars. These strap on to the frame, but they also have a waterproof pocket on them. They will either come with their own straps or you can buy them separately. The most waterproof ones are made with a PU frame, which is much stronger and more resistant to the elements than the metal tubing frames used for regular handlebar bags. The straps will have a little more to give when you carry them, but it shouldn't be a significant difference.

Waist Bag: Some bags include two separate shoulder straps and a waist bag. A shoulder strap is useful for carrying the handlebars with your hands free, but it won't be as sturdy as the waist bag. Whichever one you choose, it's always handy to be able to store your other gear in multiple compartments. Even if you don't need all of them inside.

Mounting Brackets: The handle bar mounted bags come with mounting brackets. These mounting brackets are usually made of lightweight aluminum, making them easy to install and to keep secure once they are installed. There are also double mounting brackets that allow you to hang two bags side-by-side. Cycling handle bar bags come in different colors and styles, so it's easy to find one that suits your style.

These convenient bags come with wheels for easy transportation. It's probably best to get one that comes with a wheel because you'll probably have to slide it onto the handlebars after you've finished with your workout. Make sure you get a handle that fits the type of bike you have, as these luggage types aren't compatible with handlebars that differ in shape. For upright type bikes, you can get handlebar bags with upright handlebars, while those on recreational bikes will need handlebars that are a bit slanted to sit properly on them.

Many professional cyclists use waterproof handlebar bags to transport their gear when they aren't using it. Because they aren't made of fabric, they're much more durable when you take into account that they won't be exposed to wet, hot environments. A waterproof handlebar bag is definitely an investment you should make if you want convenience and durability.

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