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Customers Love Wholesale Gemstone Earrings

Color is everything in jewelry to fashion-conscious customers. With fashion designers and fashionistas both perpetually on the lookout for unique and eye-catching color combinations, jewelry retailers should cater to them by offering a wide range of wholesale gemstone earrings.

With the online presence of many wholesale jewelry manufacturers these days, savvy retailers can pick and choose from different sites to provide a complete color palette of wholesale gemstone earrings to their fashion-hungry customers.

Gemstone Earrings

Change in the Jewelry Business

The internet has changed the jewelry business. The change to an ecommerce business model has meant that ordering, payment and shipping are automatically taken care of by the ecommerce platform. 

Manufacturers can concentrate more on the design and manufacturing of increasingly colorful and bold designs using a variety of gemstones. This has increased the number of designs and styles as manufacturers are competing with each other to create signature jewelry pieces. 

All of this is good news for jewelry retailers, and particularly for their jewelry and fashion-loving customers. Retailers can choose between many sites offering a wide range of well-designed and manufactured wholesale gemstone earrings and other jewelry. The variety means they can cater to many of their customer’s tastes, and they can do it fairly inexpensively. 

Increasing Variety Attracts More Volume

Retailers who find a manufacturer online that best represents the tastes of the customers in their part of the world can order in bulk quantities. 

By ordering higher quantities, the unit price of each piece is reduced, and the retailer can pass these savings on to their most high-value customers, or they can invest the savings back into the merchandise and increase the size and variety of the order.

One approach attracts more frequent purchases from valued customers, and the other attracts a greater number of casual customers. But in both cases, the aim is to increase the volume of purchases by increasing the variety of wholesale gemstone earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets.

The increased variety attracts more of the coveted fashion-conscious customers. Gemstone jewelry is not exorbitantly expensive. It’s a commodity that can be purchased often by people who are living on a budget but nonetheless are interested in looking their best. 

The greater the variety, the more often they will buy pieces to complement their latest clothing ensembles. It's as much of a hobby as it is a passion. Because of the affordability of wholesale gemstone earrings, it’s relatively inexpensive for both the retailer and the valued customer to create an enviable collection of colorful jewelry that suits every outfit in the customer’s closet.

The changes in the jewelry business brought about as the industry has embraced an online ecommerce business model have been profound. The changes have not only increased the volume of business, but they’ve increased the number of talented designers and manufacturers in the marketplace. They’ve meant that people all over the world can indulge themselves in colorful and inexpensive jewelry that expresses their fashion sense as well as their lifestyle.

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