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Mind-Blowing Curtain Bangs Hairstyles
for Modern Ladies

Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Curtain bangs are a hairstyle across the forehead where your hair bangs are swept on the sides of your head leaving the middle part of your front head bare. The bangs are usually evenly swept on both sides of the head. This is what gives the hairstyle an illusion of a curtain. The bangs can be styled in many different ways that can go well with all face shapes and hair textures. Some modern bangs are even styled such that they have a fringe that falls on the forehead.

Curtain bangs are one hairstyle that can be rocked by anyone regardless of their age, hair texture, the shape of the face, or even the hair volume. They are known to add to the volume of the hair and one can style them without the need for hair products or a professional hairstylist. Some of the most common types of curtain bangs are:

  1. Razored Layers Curtain Bangs

If you have large volume hair, part your hair evenly at the middle such that each side has an equal volume of hair. Air-dry the hair then spray it then use your hands to style it to get the desired look.

  1. Complimenting Bangs

This type of curtain bang is a modification of a traditional bang. Complimentary curtain bangs work very well for people with diamond-shaped faces. It highlights the cheekbones and the forehead to fit perfectly. Just like Razored curtain bangs, complimenting bangs can work for any hair type and it is easy to style.

Curtain Bangs Hairstyles
  1. Face Framing Bangs

This style is best for ladies who have long and wavy hair. The hair is parted towards the center and then left to hang freely to give you the desired look. The style is referred to as face-framing because the hair takes the shape of the face as it falls on the sides of the head.

  1. Short Hair Fringe Curtain Bang

Short hair can also be styled into a curtain bang to give you the perfect comfortable and natural look. Short hair curtain bang takes the shape of your face making it ideal for any face shape. A fringe is usually added to this curtain bang so that it complements the shape of the face.

  1. Long Blonde Curtain Bangs

One of the best ways of ensuring that your curtain bangs stand out more is combining them with a vibrant hue such as blonde. This type of curtain bang is rocked with the addition of blonde faded color to give you a classy finishing. It is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

  1. Long Wavy Curtain Bang

If you have naturally wavy hair, then it becomes easy to have this curtain bang. You can add waves and curls to your hair using a curling iron. The hair does not have to be perfectly layered on each other. The waves are an advantage as they add to the volume of your hair.

Curtain Bangs Hairstyles
  1. Layered Curtain Bang

Having thickly layered and a large volume of hair ensures that any hairstyle that you settle on is not dull and common. The layers are laid over each other in such a way that they fall into perfect shape. The layers can even cover parts of your face blending with your facial bone structure or the shape of the face.

  1. Bangs For Long Straight Hair

Straight hair does not often fall perfectly to give you the best-fit look but combining it with a curtain bang cold give you the look you have been missing out. Curtain bangs for straight hair are best for triangular faces as the long edges cover up a large part of the chin area.

  1. Curtain Lob

This type of curtain bang works well for women with large volumes of hair. This is because the hair just below the shoulders ensures that the style stays intact and in perfect shape. The layers from the large amount of hair are perfect to conceal facial features that make you insecure. Curtain lobs can be done with any hair texture as the volume of the hair can be added using certain hair products like hair spray.

Source: How to Cut Your Own Curtain Bangs at Home: A Guide for Beginners

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