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How to Cure a Hangover Fast

There are moments in life we would like to savor. A good cup of coffee, beautiful sunsets, or your mom's best home-cooked meal. However, the painful effects of a hangover are something we'd like to escape as quickly as possible. If you want to cure a hangover fast, read on and learn how to recover after a rowdy night.

What are the symptoms of a hangover?

To spring to recovery fast, we must target the symptoms. The brain is affected by many different factors, however, the most common symptoms of a hangover are:

  • Severe nausea
  • A pounding headache
  • Exhaustion
  • Body aches

This combination of symptoms makes for a nasty morning after. From these, we can understand where your hangover might be coming from. To rejuvenate, these symptoms must be targeted. Let's study the causes to find out how to cure a hangover.

Alcohol and morning-after nausea

Among the most infamous symptoms is nausea. It's what most people struggle with. The ethanol in alcoholic beverages is not a natural substance and your body has difficulty trying to digest It. This results in an inflamed stomach lining. And this inflammation is what causes nausea. Your digestive system is fighting an uphill battle to get rid of the nightmare substance.

While your body is fending itself off from the ethanol invasion, the organs are suffering. The effort causes stress on the stomach, leading to irritation. And to no surprise, some of the best hangover cures target the stomach.

Jackhammer-esque headaches? Here’s how to deal with them.

Everything great comes in pairs. From Holmes and Watson to chicken with waffles. And illness’s most beloved partner is an excruciating headache. Many despise the feeling of rolling out of bed, only to be immediately struck down by the rhythmic pounding of a headache. Hangover headaches are very debilitating and the best hangover cures target them.

These headaches have several causes. The primary cause is dehydration. Alcohol causes you to urinate much more frequently. So it's common to wake up feeling dry as a desert. Meanwhile, ethanol causes your blood vessels to expand, giving your brain a real squeeze. These two combine to deliver the worst headache imaginable. A good hangover headache cure will target both factors.

Sleeping after excessive ethanol consumption

If the headache and nausea weren’t enough to take you out, you're stronger than most. But another symptom is exhaustion. The lethargy can hit you like a truck in the morning. Going to work on a hangover feels like you're an extra in a blockbuster zombie movie.

This mental burnout is problematic. It keeps you from your daily routine and prevents you from taking steps to cure a hangover fast. A great hangover cure solution also has to solve this problem. The reason we feel so exhausted is the way alcohol affects sleep. Yes, you might pass out when you've hit the bottle. However, this does not mean you're having a restorative sleep. REM sleep quality worsens from alcohol. You may even wake up much earlier than you'd like because of it. And as we know, rest is critical to recovering from a hangover. Any hangover cure solution must focus on giving you the chance to sleep well.

Now on to tackle the symptoms

All of these symptoms have one thing in common. They all prevent you from soaking up nutrients. Whether you vomit last night's meal or you don’t drink enough water, the next day, the body will need some rocket fuel in the form of hydration and nutrients. How to cure a hangover fast lies in how we replenish. And before trying any emergency hangover cures, you should make sure to consume .

But if you can't keep it down, where do you start?

The dilemma is this. How to cure hangover nausea is difficult when you can’t keep food or water down. Despite this paradox, there are some techniques you can try. First, start with carbs. Yes, that double-stack pepperoni pizza is a great idea. Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels, so get some of that precious starch in your system.

A good hangover nausea cure is consumed in small bites. Take it slow, bit by bit, preventing your stomach from filling up too quickly. With this method, it could be easier to digest without throwing up. Carbs are a great hangover cure solution. How to cure hangover nausea may come down to how you manage your food.

Now that we are eating, what about the headache?

Tackling nutrition is one thing. But our head is still sore, like muscles after an intense workout. Here you may have to use an emergency hangover cure. Aspirin works well for a headache, but the best hangover headache cure is that precious H20. Water works wonders to cure a headache. How to cure a hangover fast often comes down to hydration.

Another hangover headache cure is fluid replacement or an anti-hangover oral spray. These are available in your local pharmacy. Some contain many vitamins that will help you cure a hangover fast. Always have one of these lifesavers in your pantry.

Coming back to life and dealing with the tiredness

Now that we have solved both nausea and headache, one problem remains. Luckily it’s easy to solve. Make sure to find a quiet and dark spot to have a long nap. By the time you awake, you will be feeling much better.

Of course, you're welcome to help yourself to some emergency hangover cures. If you feel you need an extra boost, try some coffee. Or if you are still having trouble sleeping, try a sleep aid. Some natural sleep solutions like CBD oil can do wonders.

How to cure a hangover is about patience

Although there are supports, such as hangover oral sprays, curing your hangover comes down to patience, eating small portions, drinking water bit by bit, and resting. If you apply all this, you will be feeling much better within half a day. The best hangover cure is a sturdy and filling diet and hydration, hydration, hydration!

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