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3 Easy Steps to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Erectile dysfunction occurs when you can't get an erection, or when you can't keep the erection solid enough to get an erection. Mild to mild erectile dysfunction is common—it affects approximately half of men aged 50 years and is more than 50 years of age.

Being unable to maintain an erection can lead to problems with your relationship or self-confidence, but there are ways to control or even cure the condition.

Although medications like Viagra are on the market, certain people might choose a more natural alternative. Review this, if you're worried about enlargement tablets. Here are some of the methods you can use at home to help treat erectile dysfunction.

Is it in your head?

While you might think of erectile dysfunction as an older man's epidemic, studies show that this condition affects men of all ages. In fact, some studies indicate that approximately 26% of new ED cases are males under the age of 40.

In older males, erectile dysfunction is also associated with underlying health problems, such as heart disease or diabetes. But what of the young, healthy guys? What is the cause for the erectile dysfunction suffered by a 30-year-old man in good health?

In the absence of physical health concerns, we can dig a little deeper at the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. What you don't know is that neurological factors have a huge effect on such ED cases. In fact, evidence indicates that up to 20% of ED cases are of a psychological nature.

If you have erectile dysfunction, and you can't blame it on current health conditions, you might assume that all of your problems are in your head. Although psychological issues may be at the root of the question, they are just as valid as biochemical ED causes.

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Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises help to strengthen the muscles that keep the erection full and hard. These muscles, called your pelvic floor muscles, lie beneath your prostate and rectum, and their strength will affect your ability to maintain your erection. This is because when you contract your pelvic floor muscles, you put tension on the nerves of your penis, making it harder for your blood to flow out of your penis to keep your erection intact.

You can find the pelvic floor muscles by pretending as if you were trying to stop the mid-flow peeling to keep the steam from moving. The muscles you're feeling are what you're expected to use for kegel exercises.


Though more research is needed, there is some evidence that Korean red ginseng may help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Ginseng works by calming the muscles of the penis, "it is this relaxation that allows the blood to fill the penis and create an erection."

A 2008 analysis of several studies found that taking 600 milligrams of red ginseng helped men to get erections. However, both of these trials have been conducted in small populations and larger tests are also needed to assess if these results are applicable to the general population.

It's important to talk to the doctor before you take over-the-counter erectile dysfunction medicine Cenforce 100 to make sure you're not putting your well-being at risk.

Changes in lifestyle

Having an erection needs all the systems in your body, including the nerves, blood flow, and muscles. For this reason, conditions associated with an unhealthful lifestyle, such as heart disease and obesity, can put you at higher risk for erectile dysfunction.

Although stress and anxiety are two different themes, they are closely related when it comes to erectile dysfunction issues. Stress is the underlying cause in certain cases. Except stress triggers anxiety, which then causes more stress—turning it into a dangerous loop.

However, if you look at the physical side of it, you will find that stress and fear are much more closely connected than you would expect.

Most men don't know that there are different types of erection—three, to be exact. Reflexive erection is caused by physical stimulus, whereas psychogenic erection is triggered by sensory or emotional feelings. Nocturnal erection is exactly how it looks—the one that occurs during sleep.

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Both involve special body functions, including hormones, muscles, blood vessels, the nervous system, and emotions. If one of these functions has been compromised, ED can be activated.

In the case of fear and stress, these things can hinder the brain's ability to send the requisite signals to cause an acceptable physical response—an erection. Stress and anxiety can also contribute to the ongoing ED cycle, as mentioned above.

Exercise more now. When you work out, the body releases more nitric oxide, a chemical that helps the muscles in the blood vessels to relax, letting the blood flow more quickly. This allows the penis to be erected and erected quicker.

Stop smoking, please. If you smoke cigarettes, you are nearly twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction as non-smokers. This is because the chemicals in the tobacco are damaging the lining of your blood vessels, known as endothelium. Endothelial is what produces nitric oxide, and without a lot of it, it's a lot more difficult for blood to flow into the penis.

Break off your drink. Drinking at low to moderate volumes – fewer than 14 drinks a week for adults – is unlikely to increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. However, if you drink more than that, particularly for a long period of time, you can have a hard time keeping an erection. This is because alcohol is dilating your blood vessels, allowing blood to flow into your penis, while also forcing it to flood out, leaving your penis flaccid.

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue for men, particularly as you get older, but there are a lot of ways to deal with it at home. If none of these methods fits for you, talk to a doctor about alternative medications, such as prescription medications.

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