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Pandemic Covid 19: Five Precautionary
Measures to Deal With It

Pandemic Covid 19

No matter how much we feel proud of the advancements we made in almost every field of life, destruction eventually finds a way to perturb our lives. We made progress in defense systems to defend ourselves, yet the wars never stopped; instead, they only increased. We made nuclear technology a deterrent and produced cheap energy, yet events like Chernobyl give us a catastrophic reminder of the chaotic nature of the world. We understood the universe better by going into space and now looking for other earth-like habitable planets. Yet the most surreptitious type of destruction is not war or human greed; it is the diseases that became ever so resistant to our immune systems. From Aids, Hepatitis, Dengue to Ebola, these viruses and infections have not spared humans. Owing to our rebellious nature, humans made critical headways in science to control them, yet one of these health issues still evade us.

You might think that in the first few decades of the 20th century, World War 1 was the most catastrophic event for the human race. Yet, it was something that followed the war, a pandemic. Spanish flu consumed approximately 50 million lives and affected one-third of the earth’s population in total. The word “pandemic” is not very alien to the readers since we are going through one right now. The coronavirus or COVID19 is also deadly, although the field of medicine has made strides, with no cure so far. The hospitals are full of people who are ill or those who are afraid they are sick. So, what should we do about it? Some people are talking about funding medical science research, while others think to have an affordable private health plan will alleviate the matter. In either case, we must explore better ways to deal with a pandemic, and this article tries to do just that.


You have already heard this enough, and it is becoming repetitive to suggest that you must wash your hands and sanitize properly. However, the COVID19 brings with it a fundamental life lesson that most of us tend to forget often, hygiene. If most of us had followed cleanliness taught to us since childhood, the outbreak would not have been severe. Washing your hands, brushing the teeth, taking regular baths, clean clothes, covering your face while sneezing, we can go on and on. Hygiene not only protects against pandemics, such as the COVID19, but also helps avoid most of the diseases that are an avoidable nuisance. We are suffering the consequences of not listening to researchers who have time and again told us to invest more in hygiene.


Understandably, there is no greater fear in the world than the fear of death, and people make very unadvised decisions in such instances. With the paranoia caused by the media, people are making rash decisions that endanger not only their lives but also that of others. Since the COVID19 symptoms are pretty standard, people rush to hospitals for tests and exams. Even if they do not have the virus, they are at a danger of contracting it from the infected ones. So, rushing to the hospital in panic at the first sign of fever is very ill-advised; instead, doctors recommend self-isolation.


With the imposition of lockdowns across the globe, they triggered a series of panic hoarding. With hoarding, people not only buy more than they need, but they also leave very little for others. Rumors of a specific drug associated with the cure of COVID19, such as Chloroquine, increase their demand, and the pharmacy shelves stand empty. Initially being a treatment of malaria, people do not realize that they are putting the patients of disease at higher risk by hoarding Chloroquine. The same is the case with Remdesivir that is a treatment of Ebola, yet people were buying it amid false rumors.


As the world tries to find ways to fight off the outbreak of the pandemic, there are some silent warriors at work in the labs trying to find a cure. Dozens of teams across the globe are trying to formulate a drug that triggers an immune response in the body of COVID19 patients. Experts believe that it usually takes about 6-10 years of research and trials to come up with a vaccine that effectively fights off a virus. However, researchers have paced up the process of finding the COVID19 cure in about 1-2 years. Though it is a matter of time before we see the treatment, it is also pertinent to understand the importance of the effort that goes into this process.

If medical research were the top priority of the governments around the world, we would not have been where we are right now. Viruses originating from the animals are not something new, with swine flu and bird flu as the recent examples, and there are hundreds of them out there. Funding medical research in a better way will help us formulate our responses to any future pandemics proactively. The more we dedicate ourselves to the investigation of such viruses, the fewer surprises like COVID19 we will face in the future.


As the patients suffer the increased health bill amidst the pandemic outbreak, many people have come to realize that healthcare is expensive. The people at top positions might still afford it, but those from the working class who survive on salaries, are suffering the most as their savings deplete. The best advice anyone can give you at any point in time is to think ahead, which is why one must realize the importance of health insurance. The best thing about the coverage plan is that it not only covers your present issues but also gives you a contingency plan for a future probability, such as a pandemic. Most of the healthcare services that any person needs are preventive care with some exceptions, of course.


After being locked at their homes and the phenomenon of work-from-home gaining traction, everyone has developed a better appreciation for technologies that enable it. Whether you are using Microsoft teams for your business meetings or merely attending online classes on Zoom, technology has made your life easier during a pandemic. Even healthcare benefits from these innovative ideas as doctors and patients alike realize the importance of telehealth. In telehealth, patients seek the advice of the doctors while sitting at their homes, avoiding any physical contact. We all have at some point in time searched our symptoms on Google and eventually panicked because we wrongly diagnosed ourselves with a chronic disease. If governments invest more in telehealth, people can get professional help much quicker. 


It is critical how we deal with COVID19, but it is also equally essential that we avoid the recurrence of such events when the dust settles. For that to happen, we must straighten some of our life priorities while pushing our governments for the rest. Thinking ahead is always a wise thing to do, and hence, at an individual level, one should opt for an insurance plan. Furthermore, the immense opportunities presented by technology should not go wasted. After all, the world owes this to the tremendous advancement that we prevent any pandemics, or at least alleviate their effects if they happen. We must become smarter if we want to avoid COVID19 from becoming another Spanish flu.

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