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The Cost of Mobile CT scans


Computed tomography (CT) scans are a vital health imaging modality for acquiring cross-sectional body pictures. The images offer greater detail than conventional X-rays and are often used for assessing conditions pertaining to organs, tissues, blood vessels, and bones. In general, a Mobile CT Scancan be performed at hospitals, imaging centers, or clinics using a bulky CT scanner that has a doughnut-like shape. Even so, transportable CT scans are already providing expanded availability and convenience.

What is a Mobile CT Scan?

A mobile CT scanner is a self-contained apparatus covered inside a spacious trailer, bus, or vehicle and may be immediately carried to the patient. The scanners may be deployed to rural locations, smaller medical centers without their own CT scanner, patient buildings, accident scenes, or any other necessary location.

The mobile scanner has all the required elements for conducting scans, including:

  • The CT imaging equipment and scanning components
  • A generator to power the equipment
  • A computer system to reconstruct the images
  • A table for the patient to lie on

Benefits of Mobile CT Scans

Using mobile CT imaging offers several benefits compared to requiring patient transportation to an imaging facility or hospital:


Patients with limited mobility or medical conditions that make traveling challenging might benefit from a mobile CT scan, which allows the instruments to be brought directly to their hospital bed or home. Furthermore, this method reduces the patient's commute and the costs of visiting an imaging facility.


Mobile CT scans expand the availability of imaging services in remote regions or smaller medical facilities that lack a CT scanner on their premises. Trucks have the potential to access almost any place to get crucial diagnostic scans.

Lower Costs

Although the starting price of a mobile CT scanner surpasses $1 million, eliminating logistics and personnel overhead could be accomplished in very little time before the investment is recouped. Hospitals and clinics can provide CT scans without incurring the expenses related to the equipment using cellular services.


Offering the direct dissemination of CT scans to critical medical areas such as emergency departments, intensive care units, and operating rooms empowers healthcare professionals to promptly make well-informed decisions, minimizing the need to depend on departmental scheduling or patient transportation. 

Enhanced Capabilities

Certain expansive mobile trailers serve as extensive medical imaging facilities, which include CT, MRI, PET, mammography, ultrasound imaging, and other powerful diagnostic technologies. This enables a broader spectrum of diagnostic tests at the patient's bedside or in faraway regions.

Critical Factors Affecting Mobile CT Prices

After a brief and uncomplicated procedure, a standard head or abdomen CT scan typically lasts 5-10 minutes and is often priced at the lower range. Nevertheless, that expense might significantly escalate depending on:

Increased Scan Duration 

The time required for chest CT scan mobile angiograms to detect pulmonary embolism increased as the number of pictures taken increased. Scans of various body areas, such as combined abdominal and pelvic scans, significantly prolong the duration of the procedure. Facilities charge higher fees for scans lasting 30-60 minutes, encompassing more outstanding anatomical sections.

Advanced Protocols
Specialized procedures in vascular, cardiac, neurological, or trauma cases need to involve the administration of intravenous contrast dye to supplement imaging images. Increased availability of resources and longer appointment durations result in elevated patient costs.

Location Logistics
Introducing mobile CT access to small community hospitals or isolated regions entails increased expenses for logistics and personnel, which offsets the simple nature of doing tests locally. Typically, mileage is dependably a contributing aspect to costs.

Physician Specialization 

The presence of professional radiologists on the mobile unit to supervise testing and provide immediate preliminary interpretations enables speedier diagnosis. Also, it translates to an increased reimbursement rate for the mobile enterprise.

Insurance Status 

Privately protected individuals may be charged more excellent rates than Medicare/Medicaid members due to lower contractual reimbursement for diagnostic imaging services. Patients who do not have insurance or want to make purchases in cash may encounter fluctuating prices.

Hospital Contract Terms 

When a mobile CT supplier has a service contract with a hospital's imaging department for an extended period, the price will be negotiated, and discounts will be given for scanning in huge numbers. The mobile facility may also recover any costs of upgrades and petrol by charging higher rates for every scan.

Should You Get a Mobile CT Scan?

Although mobile CT scans provide additional accessibility and convenience, it is nevertheless essential to acknowledge that you are effectively paying for the on-site visit of the imaging equipment. 

If you are considering going for a mobile CT scan, it is advisable to inquire about the following crucial inquiries:

  • Is this CT service in my insurance network or considered out-of-network?
  • Will using the mobile unit require higher coinsurance or deductibles from me?
  • What is the exact price I will pay for my prescribed CT scan via the mobile facility?
  • Can I get the needed CT scan at the hospital for a lower patient-responsibility cost?
  • Is the mobile CT scan my only viable option due to location or health limitations?

Obtaining written estimations of costs from both a Mobile CT Scanand hospital radiology departments might assist in making sensible choices. Learning about healthcare and making educated decisions is crucial when assessing the many medical imaging technologies available and their corresponding expenses.

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