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Types of Cosmetic Procedures in a
Vancouver Dental Clinic

Cosmetic Procedures

In cosmetic dentistry, the goal is to improve the look of a patient's teeth and smile in an elective capacity. A primary traditional dental practice focuses on prevention/diagnosis/treatment of oral disease and oral hygiene in what deems a necessary, restorative and regimented capacity.

Specific procedures like fillings known as restorative for tooth decay treatment consisted at one time merely of materials like amalgam, gold, or other types that left unsightly dark areas visible on the tooth.

These come now in newer composite or porcelain options that match patients' teeth for a more natural look. Some individuals have the new color fillings put in as replacements for their old versions merely to improve their smiles, making the procedure cosmetic albeit restorative instead of using a traditional placement.

Cosmetic dentistry benefits (as do traditional dentists) from technological advances providing materials with a more "tooth-colored" look leading to greater predictability and sustainability with procedures from what they were at one point in time.

The dentists strive to work conservatively to retain as much of the natural structure as they can if possible, but the goal is to bring out the most brilliant, beautiful smile.

Types Of Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry ultimately means achieving the optimum appearance of the teeth, the mouth, and a smile using conservative measures in an effort to preserve as much of the natural structures as possible.

The procedures are elective, but some techniques like implants, crowns, and other more invasive treatments hope to prevent gum disease and improve issues with the jaw bone while the improved fillings deem restorative. Click to learn all you need to know about this form of dentistry.

You'll find no referral systems in place for this version of dentistry to help you choose among the many professionals in Vancouver. The suggestion is to take recommendations from your primary dental clinic, whom you should see prior to attending a cosmetic visit.

Your primary dentist will examine to determine if any underlying oral health issues need addressing to prepare you for potential cosmetic procedures that might be a consideration in your plan of care. A few common treatments performed by this form of dental practice includes:

Cosmetic Procedures

** Commercial Teeth Whitening Process
Teeth Whitening is among the most sought-after elective dental procedures. There are many reasons for teeth staining, with some of the most common involving food and beverage stains, tobacco, age progress, and poor oral hygiene. Typical consumables responsible can include red sauces, coffee, teas, red wine, and chocolate.

As age progresses, the enamel on each tooth's surface becomes thin, allowing the dentin underneath to show through. It has a naturally yellowish brownish color that makes the teeth show as yellow. It's essential to be gentle with the enamel so it doesn't deteriorate further. With the right professional, bleaching is accomplishable with integrity left intact. Go to for guidance on procedures that are right for you.

After-care can be an issue if you go back to destructive patterns. When indulging in the stain-inducing products, you need to brush immediately after consuming. Those who smoke either will need to quit the habit or will restain their newly whitened teeth. Participating in good oral hygiene is mandatory with brushing and flossing two times each day followed by mouth rinse.

** Applying Veneers
Veneers are laminates in a porcelain or composite material that bond adhesively to a tooth's surface for repairs of cracks or chips or to correct serious discoloration or a worn look. Dentists will often suggest these for patients who gapped teeth or when whitening is not a success.

Cosmetic Procedures

** Dental Implants
As part of artificial replacements or prosthetic dentistry, dental implants compensate for losing a tooth by providing an artificial replacement root. Missing teeth tend to create a collapse in the face causing an aged appearance. When investing in implants, you receive a full, beautiful smile but also the illusion of years coming off your age. Check out my Implant Dentist website.

** Onlay / Inlay
These also have the reference "indirect fillings" and consist of composite or porcelain material. The option boasts a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional fillings and offers an extended lifespan. They are suitable for a tooth with decay or comparable structural deterioration.

Traditional fillings mold into the tooth while attending the clinic visit while onlays and inlays develop in a lab prior to fitting and bond adhesively to the tooth.

** A Full-Mouth Reconstruction
When you consult with a cosmetic dentistry professional about a possible smile makeover to enhance your overall aesthetic, there is always the potential for the dentist to discover that you have functional issues. These can include muscles, bone structure, bite, teeth that can result in your needing a full-mouth reconstruction before anything else can occur.

Many reconstructions involve several phases and visits with a few specialists and the general practitioner and could take as long as 12 months. After the process is complete, you can move forward with the smile makeover. It's essential to understand, a smile makeover might be an elective option to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a person's smile, but it requires using dental techniques and material that are clinically proven with extraordinary knowledge, skill, and training on the part of the professional.

Much of the equipment and methods implemented for full-mouth-reconstruction are incorporated into smile makeovers to ensure long-term stability and success.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Suppose you are one of what is a large portion of the population who becomes anxious or apprehensive at even the idea of seeing a dentist, let alone having any kind of treatment. In that case, you should look for a professional trained in sedation dentistry. The practice aims to relax a patient, create a safe atmosphere, and offer a stress-free experience during procedures.

People who have an intense fear of dental care can receive elective treatments they desperately want or visit a primary dentist for regimented care without their typically enduring phobia. These phobias prevent nearly 30% of the population from routine and cosmetic maintenance, putting their oral health, mouth function, and smiles and appearance on the back burner.

Fortunately, with adequate training, select dentists within some practices are taking it upon themselves to become trained in sedation dentistry specifically to quell their patients' fears. If you're reluctant to alter the way your smile looks because of fear or anxiety about a long or complex procedure, this process can bring comfort and let you receive the smile for which you've been dreaming.

Cosmetic Procedures

Final Thought

Cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver boasts a more selective approach to mouth appearance. Read to learn "the price for a perfect smile." That doesn't lessen the scope but, in fact, makes the industry one that is in demand.

When we speak or smile, that represents who we are to whomever we're interacting with. Not necessarily the words we're speaking, but the way our mouth is saying it.

Poor teeth, smiles, even mouth can hinder a relationship, be it work, friendship, or love. If someone is distracted by what they see, they don't hear what you're saying or learn who you are. It's sad for real, but it's true of a majority of the way the world works. How do we counteract the superficiality of the world? We make ourselves appealing, and in exchange, we gain confidence and renewed self-esteem - kind of a win-win, yes?

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