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Coronasomnia: COVID-19 and
How It Affects Our Nightly Z's

Sleep is a privilege—with hectic schedules, busy workweeks, overloaded assignments, and a generally restless mind, getting the chance to have that full, 8-hour rest is usually more luck than routine. With the emergence and rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people find it challenging to maintain a proper sleep pattern.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, people suddenly found themselves caught in the middle of total lockdowns, enforced quarantine measures, and remote work or learning. Many lives were negatively affected by this new way of living.

A dwindling economy, a sudden change in daily schedules, and a world where everyone's health is at risk were all causes for concern and anxiety. Now there are more reasons to worry, in addition to the everyday stressors in one's life.

As the pandemic has brought about an uncertain future, it's more difficult now than ever for people to get good quality sleep. If you're one of them, consider it a timely condition dubbed by doctors and experts as "coronasomnia."

Coronasomnia has invaded people's lives as of late. The pandemic has brought about a surge in insomnia and various psychological effects, including anxiety, depression, and acute stress.

All these can have negative impacts on sleep, and when people lose sleep due to these triggers, they're more likely to have trouble balancing thoughts and emotions the next day. This creates an endless cycle of restlessness, and it doesn't stop there.

The pandemic brings about many other factors that can make people toss and turn on their beds. But as endless as the cycle may seem, the case is not hopeless. By learning how the pandemic causes sleeplessness, you can learn how to combat it. Through this infographic, you'll discover the nature of sleep, how it's disrupted, and how to get a better chance at it.


Source: Coronasomnia

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