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Coquitlam Dog Boarding Daycare -
Dog Boarding in Coquitlam BC

Dog Boarding in Coquitlam BC

Pet parents in Coquitlam, BC, can find plenty of options for care when a situation arises where they need to leave their fur baby for any length of time. Aside from private sitters, there are doggy daycares and boarding kennels, depending on your personal preference. The priority is ensuring both the pet parent and the pup feel safe and secure with the final selection. Go here for guidance on boarding your dog in a kennel.

The ideal recommendation will come from your local veterinarian, friends with their own fur babies, or your groomer, all familiar with reputable names in the business.

It's essential when provided references to ask questions pertinent to creating a home-away-from home experience for your specific dog. Even though a situation might work well for a friend or family member doesn't mean it will necessarily be the best for your canine.

Each puppy has its own routine and expectations making it essential to do your due diligence when researching the appropriate daycare.

Tips For Finding the Ideal Boarding-Daycare In Coquitlam, BC

When researching adequate dog boarding in Coquitlam BC for your pup, quality is a priority and ensuring that the facility feels safe and secure for both you and your dog. There are many options available to pet parents to point attempting to make a selection can prove daunting.

Fortunately, you have many reliable references to help narrow the search from your veterinarian to your dog's groomer. While these resources can provide names of dedicated providers, it's ultimately your responsibility to find the facility that will most represent the dog's natural surroundings and give him a routine similar to what he's used to.

That requires consulting and asking plenty of questions. Some tips to follow when doing your search:

Dog Boarding in Coquitlam BC
  • Making contact

When you narrow down your search to a select few, it's crucial to schedule visits for you and your puppy well ahead of your scheduled departure. You can achieve a lot with the meeting, including seeing for yourself how well your fur baby interacts with the staff.

If you have never boarded your canine before, it's wise to consider an overnight brief stay, even overnight, before you head away for an extended absence. That allows the dog to become familiar with the surroundings, other dogs, and you're not there.

It also allows the caregiver an opportunity to learn the animal's requirements, and you can see the results from time spent at each facility. One thing to notice is the anxiousness to leave, whether the animal pauses to give some love to the caregiver if he's worn out but joyful. The staff should provide in detail how the pup responded to their time with them.

  • Due Diligence

When checking out a commercial daycare or boarding facility, learn if there is a certification or if the establishment is part of a professional organization. A private individual should have a solid following of repeat customers willing to give sound references and should have plenty of time in business.

In either situation, you should expect nothing less than a sanitary, clean, secure, and comfortable scene. There should be no issue with you visiting each of the facility's areas where the dogs will be accessing, including sleeping quarters and exercise yards.

You should find adequate and secure fenced areas to keep dogs safe while at play, and non-slipping surfaces should be available for the animals' comfort when resting. No signs of harmful chemical use should be visible in any area of the establishment.

Make sure to meet each caretaker and witness interaction among the boarded pups and then one-on-one with your dog. It's crucial to learn the number of dogs cared for at any given time, the staff ratio per dog, the level of exercise each is allowed, and how often the dogs have potty breaks.

What types of comforts are provided for, including temperature control, water/food replenishment, adequate shelter, ventilation, etc. And where does the staff stand as far as training, education, and credentials?

  • Emergencies and veterinary services

Vitally important is finding out what happens if there is a need for emergency healthcare where a veterinarian is needed, or medication is required. Find out if a caregiver has the first-aid certification for pets and if a provider is on location around the clock, plus what their plan is if evacuation becomes necessary due to an emergency.

If there is interaction with other dogs, how well is this supervised if fighting breaks out?

Dog Boarding in Coquitlam BC

Drop Off/Pick Up Directives

It's important to be prepared when dropping puppy off for their boarding. The animal needs to bring his specific food, veterinary and health records, special toys, and bed/blankets.

You need to leave the most up-to-date contact information, and a few ways to reach you in the instance one doesn't get through, plus offer an emergency contact if you are unreachable. You should show your dog positivity and an upbeat attitude when leaving so the pup doesn't become anxious and be brief.

Avoid providing water or food immediately when you come to get your sweet fur baby from the Coquitlam boarding-daycare. In fact, try to give it a few hours before doing so since puppy will be excited and end up gulping these things, ultimately inducing vomiting or diarrhea.

The suggestion for thirst is to allow the animal to suck on ice cubes while he calms down and begins to rest. The hardest part of going away is leaving your faithful companion behind.

Still, when you find a trusted caregiver to provide the optimum care in an almost home-away-from-home scenario that puppy likes, it can mean a comfortable few day for each of you.

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