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How to Conquer Jet Lag Using Natural Strategies

Conquer Jet Lag

While most of us are excited about getting the chance to travel internationally again after all the stay-at-home orders and worries about trips that we had over the past few years with the global pandemic, some downsides can also arise.

For example, if you travel to the other side of the world, you’re sure to end up feeling jet lag that you must try to conquer after you land. Happily, though, there are techniques to deal with jet lag that don’t involve taking many prescribed medications. You might like to consider a few of the below natural strategies when you next take a trip abroad.

Rest Up Well Before You Fly

It’s wise to rest up well before you board a plane. If you start your journey having had enough sleep, you should find that your mind and body can cope a whole lot better with the jet lag you encounter. Rather than heading overseas in a state high on adrenaline from last-minute packing, completing work, and other jobs, try to give yourself a chance to stop, recharge, and catch up on sleep before leaving for your trip.

If you find it challenging to slumber in the days before your flight, it’s worth trying out some sleep aids. For instance, you might purchase some hemp for sleep or use lavender sprays on your pillow. Many people find that deep breathing, meditation, stretching, or journaling before bed helps, while a bath or a relaxing caffeine-free tea can also help promote relaxation and sleep in turn.

Don’t Drink a Lot of Alcohol or Caffeine on Your Flights

Once you’re on board the airplane, do yourself a favor and avoid drinking too much alcohol or caffeine. Steer clear of lots of wine, beer, champagne, or spirits, even if they’re complimentary and tempting, as well as coffee and other caffeinated beverages. These drinks will dehydrate you, stop you from sleeping on the plane, and leave you feeling the jet lag much more.

Stay Properly Hydrated

What you should drink plenty of during your travels is water. You will better minimize jet lag if you stay adequately hydrated by sipping on water frequently. Try to have a small glass of water every hour, where possible, apart from when you’re asleep. Don’t forget that you can ask flight attendants for an extra bottle or two of water each time they bring the food or drinks cart through the plane, so you don’t have to keep getting up and disturbing other passengers.

Eat Decent Amounts of Protein

Another tip for conquering jet lag is to ensure you eat plenty of protein-rich foods during and after a long-haul flight. For example, consume eggs, protein smoothies, meat, lentils, and the like to give your body more sustained energy to cope with jet lag.

Plus, getting more energy from your food will help you to stay up when you arrive at your destination until night falls, and it’s a decent bedtime. The sooner you can adapt to the timezone, the better, so try to stay awake rather than going to bed as soon as you get to your accommodation.

Take Time to Shift Your Internal Clock in the Days Before Takeoff

You’ll find it easier to stay up like this if you spend a few days working on shifting your internal clock in the days before you take off for your trip. Adjust your body bit by bit, getting closer to the time at your destination. For example, go to sleep a bit earlier than you normally do if you’re flying east or stay up longer at night if you’re headed west.

There are free and low-cost apps you can use to help you make these changes to your circadian rhythm, such as the Timeshifter tool. You simply need to input a few details and get some tips on when to sleep and nap, when to avoid sunlight or get more of it, and how to adjust your body clock in preparation for a long-haul flight.

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Conquer Jet Lag

Jet lag may not be avoidable, but we can certainly take steps to limit its effects and help ourselves to have more enjoyable international travels. Next time you’re off overseas, test out some or all of the above strategies to see what is best for you.

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