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Style and Confidence Tips for
Women with Low Self-Esteem

confidence tips

By Lena Hemsworth

Improving your self-confidence comes with a lot of patience. That’s not something that happens overnight. Even though clothes shouldn’t be the factor to focus on the most, learning how to handle your sense of fashion can, to a certain extent, help you build your confidence. Here’s how.

Get Fashionable on a Budget

You don't need to spend a lot of money to look good. You can find many beautiful pre-owned watches or even brand new ones on a budget online. This is a great way to buy some of the pre-owned designer clothes and bags without spending a fortune. Plus, you can always sign up for your favorite shop's newsletter to get all the useful and relevant notifications about upcoming sales.

If you can't afford that designer dress you think you'll look great in for a special event, you can always rent it. There are so many affordable rental options for luxury and expensive brands. Lastly, you can always buy some affordable staple pieces and then layer some trending accessories that will make the outfit look very elegant and luxurious.

Get Inspired

Before you go shopping, you can put some outfits together to see what combinations to look out for. This will help you avoid all the stress and pressure of buying the things you’ll actually have something to wear with. For instance, you can open a Pinterest account. There, you can browse all kinds of outfit ideas, create your own boards, and follow other people to get inspired by their fashion taste.

Think Comfort vs. Attractiveness

The most important thing is that you actually feel comfortable when wearing certain clothing pieces. Some clothes can really cause you physical pain. That feeling of uncomforting pain is really not worth it; no matter how beautiful that clothing piece is.

Uncomfortable clothes will just have a negative effect on your charisma. If you force yourself to wear something you don’t feel comfortable in, you’re just going to end up feeling anxious and stressed the whole time. This refers to tight dresses and high heels.

You need to make a smart decision and start buying clothes that make you feel comfortable. As soon as you start feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing, you will simply radiate with that natural confidence. Trying to find the balance between pretty and comfortable may not seem easy, but it is definitely achievable. Once you find that balance, you’ll wish you never tried to fit into trendy and uncomfortable clothes.

Determine what makes you look good

Clothes shouldn’t be the thing that determines your beauty. It should never determine your value or your worth. When picking clothes for yourself don’t give in to the opinion of other people and listen to what they think looks good on you.

Follow your gut feeling and choose the clothes you feel pretty in. You can always ask other people for opinions, but make sure that the decision you settle on is the one you're comfortable with. You are beautiful in every single way. Don't let the beauty standards get to you. Don't force yourself to fit into standard sizes. You can always use the clothes size guide and pick the clothes in which your body gets to breathe and move freely.

Confidence Is In the Mind

Lastly, remember that confidence comes from within. If you want to look good, you first have to feel good. Once you get to that level of confidence, none of these clothes will matter as much as how you feel on the inside. To practice self-confidence, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are and how much you have to offer and give to the world around you.

Start writing a journal of all the things you are grateful for. Give people around you compliments; be nice to others and soon you'll see a huge shift in your mood. Happiness and generosity look nice on everyone. Once you start appreciating the lovely person that you are, you will feel ten times for confident.


In conclusion, beauty comes from within. Once you learn how to love yourself for who you are, clothes will be just pretty accessories you use to enhance your already existing beauty.

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