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I Got a Concussion in a Car Accident—Can I Sue?

Concussions and other head injuries are common during motor vehicle accidents. Medical evidence must be present for a victim to be able to sue. Working with an experienced legal team and keeping your medical records organized can result in a successful lawsuit.

What Is a Concussion?

A concussion is defined as a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) that commonly happens after trauma to the head, but it can also result from violent shaking of the head and body. Concussions are very common in many different settings, not just football games. Falls or car accidents can absolutely cause major trauma to the head.

One does not have to fall unconscious to experience a concussion. Some people do not even know they suffered one. Even if you don't lose consciousness, you can still experience one. 

Symptoms of Concussion

The symptoms of concussion can include lack of concentration, memory, or appetite. Concussion victims can also exhibit impaired judgment, balance, or coordination. Headaches, nausea, or vomiting are other common symptoms. Changes in mood or behavior, and other symptoms based on the condition of the individual, might also be present.

Most cases of concussion are mild and the patient fully recovers. However, no injury to the head should be underestimated. Some cases became fatal because of a lack of medical observation.

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to head injuries. Be sure your medical team does an extensive investigation of your condition. It is best to see doctors who specialize in these traumatic conditions. It is best to be cautious when it comes to medical recommendations. Seek multiple professional opinions and do your due diligence. 

The After-Effects of a Concussion: Post-Concussion Syndrome

A complex condition, known as a post-concussion syndrome can last for an undetermined period after the accident. Symptoms are similar to those of concussion but can include fatigue, irritability, dizziness, sensitivity to light, and behavioral changes. 

People experience a concussion differently than others. All cases are unique. Post-concussion headaches can be as excruciating as migraines. The physiological considerations of post-concussion syndrome are still being studied. No post-effects of the injury should be ruled out, but they do need medical backing for a proper diagnosis.

Concussions Can Lead to Other Injuries

The doctor can write his or her opinion in your medical records regarding the concussion and the related injuries, which can be the basis of a lawsuit. It is crucial that you utilize good organization of medical records and that your doctor fully documents each step of your recovery.

You may only file a claim for damages for a medical condition if the doctor determines that it is a result of the concussion suffered from the accident. If your doctor does not believe your injuries were related to the accident, you may find another doctor for a second opinion. To include certain damages in the injury claim, your doctor has to document everything with proper medical records.

It is very possible for a person suffering from an undiagnosed concussion to fall and cause other injuries post-accident. The overall picture has to be examined and nothing should be ruled out. The patient plays a major role in documenting any incident after the accident. 

Lawsuits for Concussions Are Valid

The extent of the damages suffered from a concussion can take months or even years to resolve. Some victims do not fully recover some functions. This can impact a person's personal and professional life in significant ways. 

A victim can sue for physical, economic, and emotional damages amongst other claims. The damages can be calculated in the best way possible to cover any present and future expenses and losses. Working with an experienced legal team is a key component of a successful outcome.

Contact an Experienced Injury Attorney

Maximizing the amount of a claim after an injury requires a technical legal approach. An experienced Billings car accident lawyer will be able to negotiate sufficient compensation to cover the victim's expenses, plus compensation for their pain and suffering. 

You can experience a better recovery while experienced professionals take care of your claim. You'll have peace of mind that everything possible will be done to help you return to a life of health, prosperity, and emotional wellbeing.

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