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6 Signs Concentrated Coffee is for You

Concentrated Coffee

Coffee, like all the finer things in life, gives back to you what you put in.

Freshly ground, slow brewed beans provide a memorable and invigorating experience, while the cheapest, quickest instant coffee will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

But for those who can’t spend the time or money on premium coffee every morning, there has to be a better way - without compromising on quality. Enter concentrated coffee, a (somewhat) new method of coffee preparation that checks all the boxes, including cost-effectiveness.

Let’s go through the six signs that concentrated coffee is something you might want to try, and how to get your hands on the best products available.

1. You Want to Save Time

No matter how you slice it, coffee is a time-consuming activity when you brew your own or stop by your favorite shop each day. Even if you’ve got the process streamlined, you’re looking at more than 15 minutes before you take your first sip, often longer.

It might not seem like much at the moment, but add up those blocks of time over weeks and months, and it’s a significant drain on your most precious resource.

With concentrated coffee, you have your favorite caffeinated drink in under ten seconds flat, with virtually zero effort.

2. You’re Done with the $5 Drinks

We can’t ignore the financial aspect of the love/hate relationship that people have with coffee. The price of that daily cup seems to increase every few months, not to mention the assorted snacks and bites you pick up along the way.

Five bucks here, eight bucks there - you do the math. Over the course of one month, it’s not uncommon to spend more than $100 on coffee alone!

Switch to concentrate and you’ll save serious cash, even if you just cut your coffee shop trips in half.

3. You’ve Had Enough K-Cups and Grounds

From messy grounds and filters to endless piles of plastic k-cups, your coffee process is messy in one way or another. We put up with the mess because we love the final product, but it doesn’t have to be this way when you have concentrated coffee in your repertoire.

With concentrated coffee, the process could not be more streamlined and clean. Just grab the glass bottle of your favorite concentrate from the fridge, twist off the cap, and pour in one or teaspoons depending on desired strength.

From there, you can fill up the remainder of your mug or mason jar with ice, milk, or a limitless range of other tasty ingredients to create your perfect drink.

4. You Want Versatility (More Drink Styles)

Speaking of perfect drinks, concentrated coffee broadens your beverage horizons at home in ways you never thought possible. That’s because the concentrate is like a blank canvas that allows you to experiment with new textures, tastes, temperatures, and more.

No longer do you need to wait in line and spend six dollars to experience a luxurious iced latte, or creative coffee-inspired cocktails at brunch.

Concentrated coffee allows you to embrace your inner barista without having to work the espresso machine.

5. You’re Ready for Real Flavor

Who said being a bit of a coffee snob was a bad thing? You spend every morning sipping coffee, so you shouldn’t feel bad about expecting a higher standard of flavor and authenticity from each cup.

The problem is that most grounds just aren’t fresh for very long, even the ones bagged by the premium brands you recognize. This leaves coffee tasting bland and uninspired, despite being tagged with top-shelf prices.

Once again, coffee concentrate solves this dilemma by locking in all the robust flavors of great coffee and delivering consistent quality with each serving. With additional flavors like caramel and french vanilla, you can mix things up without the extra calories.

6. You Just Want Something Different!

Some people will never part ways with their French press or skip that Saturday morning trip to the coffee shop, and that’s to be expected. Using coffee concentrate doesn’t mean you abandon your sacred coffee rituals - it’s just something new to add to your routine.

There will be days when you have the extra time and energy to grind coffee beans and do an old-fashioned pour-over, savoring every moment of the process. On other days, you just want that quick jumpstart without the fuss. That’s where concentrate makes the difference.

Simply put, coffee concentrate gives you options, and you’ll see the benefits as soon as you get your first bottle.

Take a New Approach to Coffee

Coffee connoisseurs and casuals alike have something to celebrate with concentrated coffee.

This method might not be new, but it has been refined over time with quality products and countless amazing recipes. Get started with concentrated coffee today, and you won’t look back.

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