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5 Most Common Sports Injuries
and Ways to Treat Them

We all have fallen victim to gaining weight and becoming fat from the lockdown period. It is time to go out there and start doing some exercises to get our desired body shape back. But before you do that, you should be aware of the 05 most common sports injuries.

Sports injuries are one of the familiar sights all over the world. Any physical exercise and training are bound to lead to injuries. Before you know it, you are on the hospital bed, and your loved ones are seeking the help of an injury lawyer red deer. Therefore, you should know about these injuries and ways to treat them.

5 Most Common Sports Injuries

There can be many injuries occurring from sports or any physical exercise. Here are the 05 most common ones that almost every sportsperson goes through.

Pulled Groin

There is a muscle in the inner thighs that attach the pelvis to the inner thighbone. That muscle is called the groin muscle. Groin injuries can occur in any physical activity.

It is one of the most widespread examples of injury for any sportsperson. The symptom of this injury is severe pain in that area. That can lead to bruising, swelling, and difficulty in walking properly.

The simplest treatment for grain strain injury is the RICE approach. RICE means Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. You will first have to take proper rest, which includes no pressure on the groin.

Then apply as much as ice as possible to dissolve the bruise. After that, you will have to keep a soft pillow or towel to apply pressure on the bruised area. And finally, keep it elevated to avoid any kind of swallowing or extra pain in that area.

The best way to prevent this injury is to stretch and warm up properly before any extreme physical activity.

Shin Splints

Another name of shin splint is medial tibial stress syndrome. It happens when an athlete either increases the intensity of his or her physical routine or changes the frequency.

There will be a pain on the front side of the shins. It also can be seen toward the center down the lower half of the shin. And it happens when you have a shin splint injury.

The treatment of this injury is as same as the previous one. The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate) is the best way to treat the pain and recover as soon as possible.

Avoiding the treatment process may lead to shin fracture. As a result, you should take this injury seriously and consult your physician.

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is also called a femoral patellar syndrome. It is another widespread injury from sports and exercises. Runner’s knee will cause pain in the upper part of the kneecap or behind the kneecap.

Excessive physical activity is the cause of the runner’s knee. For instance, too much running, jumping, and twisting will lead to such injuries.

The treatment of this injury is stabilizing the knee. By stabilizing the knee, you stabilize the patella. How do you do that? You have to increase the strength of the muscles around the knee. It includes the strengthening of the thigh muscles and the hip muscles.

Ankle Sprain Injury

Twisting the ankle joint and turning it too far in one direction will lead to ankle sprain injury. This injury can lead to such severity where your ligaments can get teared as well.

A ligament is a collection of tissues that are connected from bone to bone. An ankle sprain injury can lead to severe pain and swelling in the area. Recovering from it takes a lot of time.

RICE is the best treatment for ankles sprain injury as well. The essential recovery process is resting and applying ice. It would be best if you put enough pressure on the area with soft things or keep the ankle bandaged so that nothing can cause extra pain to the ankle. And finally, keeping it elevated so that no work is done through it extremely important.

Rotator Cuff Injury

The rotator cuff is basically four (04) tendons that cuff the upper arm bone, also defined as the humerus. The function of tendons is to attach the muscles with the bone. The rotator cuff involves four pieces of tendons that attach the four muscles of the shoulder with the bone

It helps to rotate the shoulder freely and without any trouble. However, this is one of the most vulnerable places to get injured.

Repetitive movement of the shoulder can cause this injury. For instance, excess weightlifting can lead to rotator cuff injury. Moreover, basketball players often fall victim to this injury more than other sports players.

Treating this injury can be a bit severe and tricky. Seeking medical help and physician’s support is extremely important. You may need to do an MRI to diagnose the tear. The best option is to follow the doctor’s advice.

Finishing Words: Common Sports Injuries

Sports can be the best form of entertainment as well as keeping your body fit. However, it would be best if you were careful of the common sports injuries before you indulge yourself in dangerous and heavy physical activities. Taking care of your body should be the first and most crucial aspect.

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