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Learn about Some Common Dental
Diseases & Their Symptoms


Your mouth could be hosting countless bacteria and we know that some of them prove to be immensely beneficial while some others could be quite harmful. Moreover, you must realize that bacteria are just one factor that triggers several oral diseases that could impact diverse parts of your mouth. Not to mention that it can lead to urgent dental care needed; in which you should engage emergency dentistry services in Catoosa. Let us explore some common dental diseases that need to be kept at bay with regular dental care and maintenance of gum and overall oral hygiene. 

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease involves gum issues and you need to maintain strict hygiene and take a lot of care of your gums to avoid issues such as painful, swollen, or inflamed gums. Gum disease is usually, triggered by the accumulation of plaque that is transformed into super hard tartar due to a lack of proper cleaning and remedial treatment. The build-up of these harmful plaque-causing bacteria gradually causes periodontitis or gingivitis.

Symptoms of Periodontitis

  • Bleeding gums especially while flossing, brushing, or even eating crunchy food items.
  • Widening of a gap between teeth.
  • Painful, tender, swollen gums.
  • Frequent mouth ulcers & sores.

As per experts, periodontal diseases are treatable within a few treatment sessions with your dentist. Dentists would be recommending deep teeth cleaning sessions for getting rid of the stubborn tartar buildup within and all-around your gums. Some patients may find this procedure slightly painful. However, the deep cleaning process would be taking place in multiple sessions. You may get in touch with Dr. Roland Pagniano Jr. DDS Dublin Ohio for prompt and perfect dental cleaning solutions.

Cavities & Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is regarded as the most common among dental diseases. It impacts millions of adults and kids across the globe. Tooth decay generally culminates in cavities. When you do not brush your teeth properly after eating acidic and sugary food items and beverages, you may be confronted with tooth decay issues. These substances have the capability of perforating the tooth enamel and allowing the spread of cavity-causing harmful bacteria.

Symptoms Associated with Tooth Decay

  • Brown or gray spots present on your teeth surface.
  • Localized shooting pain all around the damaged tooth.
  • Swelling of gums around the decaying teeth.
  • Issues with chewing food because of sensitivity.

Effective treatment of tooth decay would include drilling or scraping away the harmful bacteria from the tooth’s surface. The Cavity is thereafter, filled with an amalgam or composite material for complementing the looks of all your existing natural teeth. 


As per, the abscess is triggered by a bacterial infection that takes place in the pulp of your tooth. You must realize that bacteria are found in plaque, saliva, a by-product of food, etc. Remember bacteria that are present in your mouth have the potential of damaging your gums and teeth. If you ignore the plaque and leave it unattended, the bacteria would be spreading gradually into the soft tissue of your gums or tooth. This could ultimately lead to an abscess.

Some Common Symptoms Associated With Dental Abscesses 

  • Fever
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Pain


There are several other dental diseases that require immediate medical intervention. However, your routine dental check-up must necessarily include screening for oral cancer that involves an examination of every part of your mouth for the detection of the disease in its early stages.

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