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5 Common Contact Lens Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

Contact Lens Mistakes

The global contact lenses market size is projected to reach USD 10.2 billion by 2025 from USD 7.4 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 6.7%. This huge market is growing so significantly due to the convenience, comfort, and low barrier to entry that contact lenses offer for wearers.

However, if you're a new contact lens wearer, you may find it tricky to adapt to your lenses. There's a lot to get used to about contact lenses and a variety of mistakes you may make. Here's a handy guide to some of the most common contact lens mistakes to avoid!

Common Contact Lens Mistakes

New users may also mistake the right and left lenses. This can cause the lenses to be uncomfortable and can also lead to eye infections.

It is important to make sure that you insert the right lens in the right eye and the left lens in the left eye. Be sure to choose the best contact lenses for astigmatism and get the perfect fit for your eye.

1. Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands Before Touching Your Contact Lenses

Forgetting to wash your hands before touching the lens is one of the most common contact lens mistakes. It can lead to the transfer of bacteria and dirt to the lens, which can cause contamination, eye irritation, and infections.

It is important to follow the recommended wearing schedule for your lenses.

2. Don't Forget to Clean Your Contact Lenses and Case

Not cleaning contact lenses properly can cause the buildup of protein and bacteria on the lenses, which can also lead to contamination and eye infections. Always clean the lenses with a sterile solution and never reuse old solutions.

Store the lenses in a clean case and replace the case every three months. Lenses should also be replaced every two years.

3. Don't Sleep in Your Contact Lenses

This can cause a number of problems, including irritation, dryness, and an increased risk of infection. Sleeping in your lenses can also lead to corneal abrasion or scratches on the surface of the eye.

If you're new to wearing contact lenses, be sure to take them out before you go to bed, and give your eyes a break from them every day.

4. Don't Wear Your Contacts for Too Long

Contacts are designed to be worn for a specific amount of time, typically around eight hours. If you wear them for longer than that, your eyes can become red and irritated.

It's important to take a break from your lenses every few hours to give your eyes a rest.

5. Don't Store Your Lenses in Water

This can cause the lenses to dry out and become uncomfortable to wear. Additionally, water can contain bacteria that can cause eye infections. To avoid these problems, it is best to store lenses in a saline solution or contact lens case filled with fresh saline solution.

Avoid These Common Contact Lens Mistakes

By following these simple tips, you can avoid common contact lens mistakes and have a great experience with your contact lenses. Get started with contact lenses the right way.

Once you've gotten the hang of things and kicked your routine into high gear, feel free to browse some of the other inspiring posts on our blog.

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