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What are the Common Causes of Fatigue?

Fatigue is used when describing a general feeling of tiredness or feeling uncomfortable. Fatigued people lack motivation and always feel sleepy. Fatigue in men is caused by the following;

  • Lifestyle factors
  • Mental health problems
  • Physical health conditions.
  • Sleep apnea
  • Lack of sleep.

Below we discuss the common causes of fatigue.

  1. Lack of Enough Sleep

Lack of enough sleep is a significant cause of fatigue and can negatively affect your general health. Adults are advised to have at least eight hours of sleep every night to be on the safe side. They should also head to bed and wake up at the same time to create a specific pattern.

Other contributors to a night of good sleep are a comfortable mattress, a cool and dark room, and switched-off gadgets. Also, it will help to consult your local doctor suppose all the above do not work.

  1. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is another severe disorder that stops breathing for short periods when one is asleep. However, most people are not aware of when this occurs, but it leads to daytime fatigue and loud snoring.

Certain conditions like being overweight, drinking, and smoking trigger these symptoms, and overweight people are advised to cut some. Your medical officer might also prescribe CPAP devices to keep your nostrils open when asleep.

The Y Factor has provided exceptional health care to men, which gets to the root of their health concerns.

  1. Insufficient Fuel

The lack of enough fuel is also a significant cause of fatigue. The foods you eat significantly affect how you sleep, and you should contact your doctor to get the best diet. Kindly avoid underfeeding or taking non-nutritious foods since they cause fatigue.

Also, avoid taking foods that spike your blood sugar levels since you will feel fatigued after the sugar levels drop. You are advised to eat a balanced diet containing vegetables, fruits, and proteins while avoiding foods rich in fats and sugar.

  1. Anemia

Amenia happens due to iron deficiency and is among the top causes of fatigue. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting blood in your body, and iron is their main component. Remember, your body will lack the necessary oxygen to produce energy if it lacks enough iron.

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to iron deficiency and should take supplements. They can also acquire these nutrients from iron-rich foods like cereals and brown rice.

  1. Depression

Depression is a cause of anxiety and sadness. However, it also leads to physical symptoms like insomnia and fatigue. Depressed individuals should seek medical assistance or therapy to prevent fatigue.

  1. Excess Caffeine

Caffeine is taken mainly to improve your concentration, but it also enhances alertness and energy. However, you are warned against taking excess caffeine since it increases the heart rate, insomnia, and anxiety.

People who take excess coffee should gradually lower its amounts for good sleep. This withdrawal should be gradual since they might experience adverse reactions at first.

Final Thoughts

Fatigue is a known condition that affects over eight percent of adults. It is caused by anemia, depression, sleep apnea, and lack of enough sleep. The above article has discussed all you should know about it, and more details are available online.

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