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3 Common Cannabis Strains, Effects, and Their Uses

Cannabis comes in a lot of different strains and subspecies. Before settling on which cannabis seeds to grow, one would consider the desired effects. As a result, farmers may crossbreed, given marijuana strains to have strains that offer specific characteristics.

In the cannabis plant, different strains have different cannabinoid concentrations. Some of the common cannabinoids whose effects people desire while choosing a strain include THC and CBD. However, there are other cannabinoids.

Cultivators grow cannabis plants with a specific taste, look, and after-use effects and use these features to brand their marijuana seeds accordingly.

Currently, most information about the effects of different strains of cannabis is "anecdotal" since it comes from people who have tried them. Hence, a lot more research needs to be done in this field.

To learn more concerning the most popular cannabis strains, keep reading.

What are Marijuana Strains?

All cannabis strains are derived from a family of plants called Cannabaceae. Some cannabis specialists consider Cannabis sativa (C. Sativa) and Cannabis indica (C. Indica) as the two major subspecies. As well, others believe them to be diverse species.

Cannabis indica originates from the Kush mountains in India. The region is typical for its cold climate. 

Cannabis Indica

Many cannabis growers prefer the Indica strain because of its short growing period. The strain is known for its sedating or relaxing effects.

Indica physical characteristics include;

  • The plant is short and bushy.
  • Its leaves are dark in color, larger in size, and round.
  • Its flower buds usually grow in clumps.
  • Indica has high THC levels and low concentrations of CBD; hence, it is known to be a potent weed strain.

Indica Effects

The Indica strain is famous for its 'monging' effect. Recreationally, one can use it while attending a concert or catching a movie in their living room. However, one may fall asleep after using C. Indica.

Indica Benefits and Uses

Because of the strain's soothing effect, it may help with sleep disorders. Recently, a study shows that the Indica cannabis strain may help alleviate pain and insomnia. This effect might be a manifestation of its higher THC levels.

Apart from increasing appetite, reducing chronic pain, and treating nausea, the Indica strain may help patients experiencing headaches, fibromyalgia, or arthritis.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa's origin is South America and Mexico's warmer climates.

Cannabis Sativa's physical characteristics include;

  • The plant is relatively tall.
  • Its leaves are thin but long.
  • Sativa typically yields flowers in specific conditions; it requires a minimum of 11 hours of darkness in a day.

Compared to Indica, C. Sativa has relatively lower THC levels with a higher concentration of CBD. 

The Sativa strain has an energizing effect hence an excellent shot for the morning before hitting the gym or surfing. 

The strain may help some people in enhancing their creativity. Cannabis sativa strain is also considered to offer a "cognitive high," unlike Indica's "body high."

Sativa Effects

Sativa comprises terpenes that directly interact with cannabinoids leading to the production of cerebral effects.

Sativa sTrain is also famous for its potential energizing and mood-lifting distinct character.

Sativa Benefits and Uses

Despite research on sativa strains being limited and shallow, the strain may be used on the following occasions:

  • Treatment of nausea, boosts mood and increases appetite.
  • Help deal with exhaustion and depression
  • Sativa may as well help one deal with symptoms of ADHD.


Hybrids are essentially new and distinct strains generated through crossbreeding between multiple types of parents. A hybrid should possess the majority, if not all, of the beneficial properties of both parent cannabis seeds. 

It's worth mentioning that any two marijuana strains can be hybridized. Sativa/Indica crossbreeding is prevalent for its "alert mellowness."

Hybrid strains that are predominantly Indica in nature are referred to as "Indica-dom," and those that are Sativa-leaning are referred to as "Sativa-dom." 

In several cases, marijuana seed strains are labeled according to their Indica/Sativa ratio, like 40/60 Indica/Sativa. In other cases, only the strain percentage dominance is indicated.

Take Away

When choosing which cannabis seeds to buy, one should consider the seeds' environment and the desired effects.

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