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Why is Commercial Cleaning Imperative for the Productivity and Wellbeing of Employees?

Maintaining a clean workspace is more crucial than ever, but aside from the pandemic, there are so many other reasons why commercial cleaning should be used in every workplace. Below, we take a look at how using commercial cleaning services can benefit employees and make sure they are well looked after in their place of work.

Reduces Illness

National commercial cleaning services have always known the best way to rid any area of germs and bacteria and even more training and procedures have been recently implemented to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is reduced as much as possible.

However, it isn’t just COVID-19 that needs to be kept at bay, common cold and flu viruses can spread just as rapidly in the workspace and can swiftly lead to entire teams having to take time off work.

There is also the issue to unclean kitchens that need to be tackled. Neglected microwaves and fridges are a breeding ground for bacteria and meat and dairy can lead to serious food poisoning if not addressed properly.

Commercial cleaning companies know every spot of the office that could potentially lead to illness and will see to it that and spread of germs, bacteria or viruses is addressed and thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, ensuring staff don’t get sick and are forced to take time off work.

1. Cleaner Air

It seems obvious as a first priority, but many office spaces don’t have the clean air they should do. Over time, dust, debris and even toxic chemicals, depending on the industry, can collate in the air and fill the lungs of staff.

For those with breathing problems, such as asthma, this could be fatal, but for the entire workforce, this can affect their cognitive abilities and decrease productivity. A study has shown by increasing the air quality, productivity can increase by as much as 30%.

But it isn’t just about dusting, although this is a good start, air ventilation systems for air-conditioning and heating are often overlooked, but this is something that commercial cleaning services will always take a look at, making sure the air flowing through the space is as clean as possible and reduce the change of headaches and respiratory complaints from employees.

2. Gives the Right Impression

First impressions of a business are everything and you don’t get a second chance to do this. It isn’t just visiting clients and customers who need to be impressed with a well-presented workspace.

When interviewing potential new members of staff, it is important to remember that it’s not a meeting just for them to influence you with their knowledge, experience and overall persona, you also need to impress them.

Businesses can miss out on some of the best candidates purely for not looking after the office and giving off the wrong vibe to those being interviewed.

Alongside this, employees want to be part of a business they can be proud of. When welcoming visitors, staff want to be able to feel pride while showing them around, instead of having to hide filthy areas and apologise for the lack of housekeeping.

A clean space is a sign of good work culture.

3. Frees Up Time

In a busy working world, every miniature is precious. For every moment taken away from the task at hand, work standards can slip.

Having staff be in charge of the cleaning in the office can go one of two ways. Firstly, they could simply ignore what is needed to be done in regards to housekeeping so they can focus on their work, leading to weeks of mess and filth building up.

Or, their standards could slip as they ensure the office is kept clean, neat and tidy but spend less time on their work. After all, there are only so many hours in a working day and no one wants to have to work overtime just because they have to clean the kitchen.

Commercial cleaning companies not only save time for employees but always make sure the job is properly completed.

4. Keeps Employees Happy

The best way to keep employees productive is to keep them happy, the more content someone is at work, the more likely they will be able to work to their full potential and produce the best work possible.

Having a filthy work environment can instantly be a mood dampener, no one wants to spend 8+ hours of their day among grime and dirt. Even simple things like dreading to use the office toilet or having to wipe down kitchen surfaces every time lunches are to be eaten can slowly deplete employee satisfaction and could even lead to a high staff turnover.

Commercial cleaners may seem like a costly investment, but over time, business owners will see the benefits. Not only will staff, visitors and clients be happier with space, but by outsourcing cleaning, this also means that all equipment and supplies are provided by them. Meaning business owners and office managers don’t have to take the time to order and pay for these themselves.

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