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Discover the Colorful History of Tepache


Tepache is a culturally rich beverage that comes from the beautiful, colorful streets of Mexico. It’s naturally fermented, similarly to kombucha, and carbonated to make a healthy and delicious alternative to soda. But where does tepache come from and how has this delicious beverage evolved through history?

This guide takes a closer look at the rich history of tepache and everything else you need to know about this tasty, healthy beverage. Keep reading to learn more!

Tepache 101: What is It?

Before we can break down where tepache comes from, we must first understand what tepache is. In short, tepachi is a naturally fermented, probiotic beverage made from pineapple and water. Tepache has a natural carbonation that makes it bubbly, and a fermented flavor that gives it a slightly sour smell and taste, like a hint of beer!

In most cases, tepache is flavored with fruit infusions and other ingredients, creating a carbonated fruit beverage similar to soda.

What are Probiotics, Anway?

One of the most considerable qualities of tepache is its probiotic effects. What is a probiotic beverage? Probiotics are a beneficial type of bacteria that support gut health, immune support, and homeostasis for the body’s microbiome. Probiotics are often made of bacteria and yeasts.

The role of probiotics includes helping the digestive process and breakdown of food, helping to create vitamins, supporting cellular health, absorbing nutrients and medications, and supporting the immune system.

Probiotics and good bacteria are naturally present in the body to keep you healthy and functioning properly. They can be found in the gut, skin, urinary tract, lungs, and even the mouth. Supplementing your body with these positive probiotic bacteria is an excellent way to support overall health and wellness.


Tepache can be made with any type of sugar, fruit, pineapple, and carbonated water. When it comes to authentic tepache, the bolder the flavor, the more unique the ingredients.

Another factor to consider is just how alcoholic tepache is. Even though tepache is fermented, its alcohol content is negligible, reaching a 1% or 2% at the very highest. Plus, most tepache contains less than 0.5% alcohol if they’re not marked as an alcoholic beverage.

When Can You Drink Tepache?

Tepache is a versatile beverage. You can drink tepache daily, with meals, after your workout, as a morning refresher, and anywhere else you get thirsty! Low in calories and sugars and rich in health benefits, there’s no place you can’t enjoy the bubbly sweet flavor of tepache.

You can also use tepache as a mixer in cocktails and mocktails! With bold flavor and bubbly carbonation, tepache makes the perfect addition to fruits and liqueurs for the perfect drink. Get creative to discover the best combination of flavors and alcohol to delight the senses for a night in!

Celebrating Tepache’s Mexican Heritage

Tepache comes from the streets of Mexico, which is also where we get the bold, unique flavor combinations attributed with this beverage. It’s believed that tepache was first introduced centuries ago in pre-Colombian Mexico. How has this drink changed since its first introduction into the world? Take a look below.

Our Tepache & How It’s Different

There are many different types of tepache, including homemade versions where you ferment the mixture yourself. So, what sets our tepache apart from the crowd? Let’s take a closer look.

Low in Calories & Sugar

Our tepache is unique in many ways, but one of the most significant is its low sugar and caloric content. Many kombuchas, sodas, and other tepache are made with high levels of sugar and high calories. Our bubbly beverages are made with less than 40 calories, low in sugar, and rich in probiotic bacteria and flavor.

Certified Organic

Another unique quality our tepache brings to the table is that it’s certified organic. Most of the food and drink available today is made with processing methods that kill nutrient content, harsh chemicals and pesticides, and ingredients that are real rather than the synthetic additives used in foods that are “all-natural”.

The fruits and ingredients used in organic foods are made without the use of conventional harsh chemicals, pesticides, or additives. You should care about what you put in your body, even when it comes to what you drink. That’s why we care about what goes into our tepache. With organic ingredients, our beverages are certified organic and delicious.

Authentic Flavors From the Streets of Mexico

Tepache is rich in flavors, and our tepache takes bold to a new level. With spicy, sweet, earthy flavors, our beverage will delight your senses. Here are a few of our favorite flavor combinations.

  • Watermelon Jalapeno
  • Grapefruit Lime
  • Cactus Prickly Pear
  • Chamoy
  • Ginger Manzana
  • Moderno Orange Turmeric
  • Picante Mango Chili
  • Regional Tamarind Citrus
  • Traditional Pineapple Spice

Not only are our flavors bold and unique, but they’re rich in the culture and beauty of Mexico. You don’t have to travel far to experience all the colors Mexico has to offer. Just take a sip of Tepache.

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