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The Definitive Guide to Collecting Health
and Risk Assessment Data

Collect Health and Risk Assessment Data

If you work in the healthcare industry, you know that collecting data is an essential part of your job. Managing health and risk assessment data is an integral part of running a successful business. It can help you find people who need your products or services and identify risks that could pose potential problems to the company. However, it's not always easy to get employees on board with this process because they don't want to take time away from their workday for something like filling out forms or answering questions about their medical history. Field Eagle, a tool to collect health and risk assessment data, is an optimal solution that can store all of this information for each individual, so you always have a detailed history on hand.

This article will show some tips on collecting health and risk assessment data to make operators more likely to participate.

What kinds of data should be obtained for each type of worker?

For this to happen, you require a process that collects health and risk assessment data from your employees. It's paramount to adhere to a few elementary guidelines.

  • The first step in collecting health and risk assessment data is to make the process as simple as possible. "You can take the help from an automated system to collect the data, so you won't have to stress employees out with digitizing this process. Plus, your staff will feel more invested in the task." Keep in mind that your company's goals will dictate how much information you need from each employee - if you're looking for people who might benefit from certain products, then these forms may require minor detail than someone who only works at your business. 
  • The second thing to remember when collecting this type of data is timing: don't interrupt an employee's workday by expecting them to fill out lengthy forms right away! Instead, provide regular reminders about the importance of filling out this form, such as emails or pop-up messages they see throughout the day.

What is a health risk assessment?

Health and Risk Assessment are an excellent tool to collect important information about your employees. Having this type of data in hand will make it easier for you to provide the resources necessary for their well-being, whether that means financial assistance with insurance or healthy lifestyle choices. Employees won't be engaged with the process if they don't see why it's essential - to keep them informed!

  • The first thing to remember when collecting these data types is how much information you need from each individual. Some companies may only need basic details, while others will want more pieces due to specific goals (e.g., someone who might benefit from certain products).
  • The second key aspect is timing - you want to make sure that the person is being assessed when they're feeling their best. You'll also need an easy-to-fill-out form for employees with questions that encompass all aspects of health and wellness, including medical history, physical activity levels, dietary habits and more.
  • The last thing you require to do is ask people challenging questions on paper - it should be as painless as possible!

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